Jacque Jordan - "Atlanta Album Release Show"

Jacque Jordan

Jacque Jordan was raised on a horse farm in Alpharetta, Georgia where the barn was her second home. When the first iPod came out, she downloaded her parents’ library that consisted of Kenny Chesney, Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, and Willie Nelson and listened to them every time she rode. When she was twelve, her uncle lent her an old Japanese Epiphone guitar that he had learned on. Jacque taught herself to play and sing by listening to songs off Dave’s album “Busted Stuff”, which was one of the few CDs that managed to weather five moves. Thanks to supportive family and friends, Jacque was able to move to Nashville to pursue songwriting. Along the way she met Tim Jackson who co-wrote and produced her debut album Mon Bleu. Its’ rough, velvety tones and smokey layers take you on a journey through New Orleans, where Jacque grew up visiting her Dad, all the while falling in love with the city’s dirty underbelly. Jacque, who graduates from Belmont University in December, plans on touring full time in promotion of the new record.

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