Thom Celica, Scorpiknox, Sam Cobra

Thom Celica

Thom Celica was formed in Seattle, rising from the ashes of the band Bronson. The sound is reminiscent of stoner rock, with catchy heavy riffs, a driving bass, and loud crashing drums.

Matt, Ricky, and Chico have been plugging away since 2007, based in the Seattle neighborhood Ballard. They have refined their sound into a tight unit when it has to be, but can also show they can play rough around the edges.

With several albums worth of original material, their live set is always changing and evolving, never relying on the same predictable songs over and over again.

Matt: East coast born, west coast by choice, captain of the band van.

Ricky can drink coffee at night and loves his new(used) Subaru. He also has the power to fall asleep at random times.

Chico likes to play pinball, float in sensory depravation tanks and loves the fact that he doesn't own a car.

Musically, Scorpiknox has been called "very punky" by keyboard players not interested in collaboration as well as "not as good as Jack White" by a hipster art student one time. With those kinds of critical accolades driving them on, the band is ready to soar into the 2020's upon the wings of a Rock & Roll freedom eagle.

Sam Cobra

Band of villains

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