Masters of the Telecaster Guitar Workshop with Bill Kirchen and Redd Volkaert

Bill Kirchen and Redd Volkaert

Evolve the finer points of your performance and recording skills in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Vienna, VA at Jammin Java.

Join us Saturday August 19th 2017 for our all-day Masters of the Telecaster Workshop with Bill Kirchen and Redd Volkaert.

Honky-Tonk Electric Guitar: The West Coast Sound

We will concentrate on the hot licks and deep grooves of the classic country and rock ’n’ roll players around Bakersfield and LA: Don Rich with Buck Owens; Roy Nichols with Merle Haggard; James Burton w. Elvis (both ‘em) and everyone else, plus lesser-knowns Phil Baugh & Gene Moles. These players created a fresh, hard driving style that helped propel the electric guitar straight to the to the forefront of the soundscape - in country, rock, pop, tv and movie scores.

Although Bill and Redd are known for their Telecaster work, the skill sets presented are for any guitar, and applicable to broad range of styles. This is a fun and informative workshop, with a rich mother lode of great guitar material to pick from. We’ll share plenty of hot licks, some we stole from the pedal steel, plus the rhythm parts that glue it all together. Along with the Honky-Tonk and Americana material you will get a healthy dose of Blues and Rock ’n’ Roll. We’ll take a look at practice strategies, tips on playing with others, and the role the guitar plays in different group configurations. We’ll talk a bit on choosing the right guitars, amps and effects, and more importantly, how to get the best out of what you have. With a class limit of 20, you will get to interact with Bill and Redd, and receive personal attention as needed. This worksop will sell out, so reservations are by advance purchase only. 

There will be printed out TAB material, and always time for questions and answers with Bill and Redd. You’ll have the chance to see and hear how it’s done, up close and live. Plus you’ll get some stories, tips and tricks from a couple guys who love their job and have had the great fortune to play with the best of the best.

Hope to see you there, Bill and Redd



• Lunch break from 12noon-1pm

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