Co-MISSION Residency WIP Showing

Co-MISSION Residency WIP Showing

Links Hall is thrilled to announce that this fall we will be restructuring LinkUP, our primary commissioning program and incorporating our Artists Residencies into Links Hall's new programmatic vision Co-MISSIONS.
Under the umbrella of Co-MISSIONS Links Hall will offer Intensives, Residencies, and Fellowships expanding our commissioning support to 14-16 artistic projects annually. These programs will incorporate a more flexible range of resources, designed to meet the needs of artistic experimentation at different points in an artist's career, and different points in a project's development.

Charley Guptil and Izah Ransohoff

Charley Guptil moved to Chicago from California for the layering that winter allows. A housewife at heart, he loves his bok choy plant, his sewing machine, and grocery shopping as equally as he loves his boyfriend. Charley's primary artistic interests are variety, abstraction, whiteness, and salad. He is also one half of S h l i p S h l o p s, a collaborative performance duo, with his dear friend Izah Ransohoff. He's grateful for this city's geography, without which he could not flourish. Find his collaging, photos, and clothing on Instagram at charfee .

Izah Ransohoff is a person who performs, explores, and choreographs in Chicago. They enjoy working with their own and other bodies and exploring the relationship and the space between bodies; as performers, audience members, and the everyday. Izah performs around Chicago in various galleries and spaces and is a part of a collaborative performance duo, S h l i p S h l o p s , with their friend Charley. They relish mystery and ambiguity and pull inspiration from animals, dance, friendship, and wrestling, to meld human and animal, and celebrate existing while formless.

Courtney Mackedanz

is a movement-based performance artist whose material playfully builds and critically disassembles itself, all at once. Her choreography examines bodily meaning, circumvents unchecked momentum, and approaches the mitigation of potential damage through an embrace of uncertainty. Mackedanz earned her BFA in Performance & Visual Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, and has since presented work in Chicago, Montreal, New York, and Shanghai.

Recently, Mackedanz has been mining archival footage of female American pole vaulters in Olympic competition.This watching is less for an interest in sport-but rather a curiosity for the poetic friction between the absurd task of pole vaulting and the precarity of this American reality. During her Co-MISSION Residency at Links Hall, Mackedanz will create a performance that problematizes hyper-verticality while measuring the incongruence between time spent in ascent and time salvaged before collapse. Mackedanz will examine these questions while also envisioning ways in which to choreograph care into an imminent fall.

Molly Shanahan

Shanahan is recognized as a "singular voice in Chicago dance," (Zac Whittenburg, TimeOut Chicago) who has been "distilling the essence of performance—the relationship between audience and artist—for years, exposing the honest beauty of the body in its natural state: fluid, organic motion" (Sharon Hoyer, New City Chicago). Molly’s work has been supported by two NPN Creation Fund Awards, a Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist Award, an Illinois Arts Council fellowship for choreography, and a 2010 Meier Achievement Award, among others. My Name is a Blackbird was listed as one of the "top ten dance moments of the decade" by TimeOut Chicago. Shanahan was included in New City's 2010 and 2012 feature “The Players, 50 people who really perform for Chicago: "discarding the rules of modern dance, Shanahan puts movement under the microscope, cultivating gorgeous organic phrases by observing motion at an atomic level." (Sharon Hoyer, New City).
In 2012 Molly received a fellowship from Temple University (Philadelphia) for doctoral research focusing on her embodied transformation through the freeing of abdominal musculature to move, rather than control, the pelvis and spine, a transformation that subverts normative employment of a “core” to centrally control the body and, related, conformity to aesthetics of ideal fitness and femininity. She is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States and currently splits her time between Chicago and Philadelphia, where she teaches at Temple University and Bryn Mawr College, and is writing a dissertation on My Name is a Blackbird. A new iteration of Blackbird—Blackbird’s Ventriloquy—will premiere in Chicago in 2017.

Margi Cole

In March 1996, Margi Cole, an independent choreographer and arts administrator, reached out to Chicago’s young, aspiring modern dancers who, like herself, were looking for venues to perform their own choreography. Cole combined her dance and choreography skills with her administrative, box office and technical stage experience to create The Dance COLEctive (TDC).

TDC has grown to become one of Chicago’s premier dance ensembles, recognized for our compelling, socially relevant, and inspiring choreography which embraces collaboration as a core element of our creative process, values the athleticism, grace, power, and strength of our dancers and nurtures and promotes the creativity of emerging artists.



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