Jay Cobb Anderson Band feat. Jay Cobb Anderson (Fruition), Tyler Thompson (Fruition) and Jeff Leonard (Fruition) & Mama’s Cookin w/ Meadow Mountain

Jay Cobb Anderson Band

years ago, with only a $100 to his name and no place to stay, Jay Cobb Anderson packed his bags, grabbed his guitars and left the small pond of Idaho for the waters of Portland, Oregon. It was here that he became a founding member of the groups Fruition, the Bellyboys and Rose City Thorns (formerly known as the Villains). These groups would go on to pack local venues, successfully tour west of the Mississippi, and release fan adored albums. As a prominent songwriter for all three bands, Anderson has woven his musical stylings from the “along the riverbed” folk tunes to the heartland Americana ballads to the loud, grimy rock and roll ragers.

Even with the assortment of musical outlets Jay Cobb had at his disposal, he still managed to write 100 plus songs that did not fit with the sounds of his other groups. After 2.5 years of whittling these 100 songs, the best 12 were selected to create Anderson’s first solo album, “I’m a Rambler, I’m a Fool.” The album is a showcase of the artist’s versatility and ability. From the honest admissions in the title track, to the loving sacrifice and struggle of the working man in “Revelation”, to the ode to fallen friends and growth in “That’s Enough”, Anderson showcases his technical ability as a musician and singer as well as his human vulnerability, faults, philosophies and desires.

Tyler Thompson

Drummer at Fruition

Jeff Leonard

Bassist at Fruition

Mama's Cookin

Mixing break-beats and hip-hop with dirty tough neo-blues and bottle-neck slide, MC has created an innovative new roots-rock sound. Their style is as much Led Zeppelin at it is The Roots. Smooth but edgy, modern with an essential nod to the great music of the past.Songs of true beauty and deep intention, crafted with unique and timely lyrics, leave a lasting impression.

Mama's Cookin' chose New York City to record their latest album. The team that created the self-titled project features the same producers that have worked withe the likes of Stephen Marley,Prince, Jeff Beck, Dido and Neil Young. As one reviewer put it "This album hits like a ton of bricks wrapped in velvet." Mama's Cookin's sole objective is to create music that moves: Songs that are inspirational both in the headphones and on the dance floor.

Meadow Mountain

Denver Bluegrass and New Acoustic. Winners of the 2017 Rockygrass band competition. Winners of the 2017 UllrGrass band competition. 3rd Place finalists of the 2017 Telluride Bluegrass Festival band competition.

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