Joe Mande

The easiest way to understand and adopt the Mande Way lifestyle is to see Joe Mande perform live in person. Joe tours the world on a regular basis, touching the lives of MandeFandes young and old with his unique brand of inspirational and motivational stand up comedy speaking engagements.

Rachel Fogletto

Rachel Fogletto is a stand-up comedian from Philadelphia who is known for her unapologetic humor and dry charm. Rachel co-produced the Bechdel Test Fest in Philadelphia in 2016 and 2017 and has performed in the Boston Comedy Arts Festival in 2013, The Women in Comedy Festival in 2014, and the SheDot Comedy Festival, and Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival in 2016. Rachel has performed in showcases as well as opened at both Helium Comedy Club and Punchline Philly. You can pretty much trace her every move at or track her current emotional state on Twitter @RachelFogletto.

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