Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle

Michael Eagle grew up in Chicago listening to alt-rock on q101 and taping underground rap shows on WHPK. He also occasionally snuck and ordered music videos on the Box.

He went to college at Southern Illinois University and battled everybody everywhere and freestyled all the time. He graduated with a degree in psychology but somehow it never occurred to him to go to Scribble Jam.

He moved to LA and linked up with Project Blowed. He toured with Busdriver, Aceyalone, and Abstract Rude. He started a rap group called Thirsty Fish with Dumbfoundead and Psychosiz and the Swim Team with Alpha MC, VerBS, Sahtyre and more. He worked as a teacher during this time and usually had a hangover.

He put out his first solo album in 2010 with Mush Records. He put out his second LP with Hellfyre Club/Alpha Pup and his third with Fake Four Inc.

He’s toured with Blu, Aesop Rock, Dessa, Homeboy Sandman, Ceschi, Moka Only, Louis Logic, and more.

In 2012 he participated in and co-authored a study with the National Insititues of Health that had him freestyle in an MRI machine to study the brain activity that occurs during improvisational rap. Articles were published on,,,, and more. The articles have become infamous for the unabashed racism in each of their comment sections.

in 2013 he was the first rapper to appear as a guest on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. He’s also appeared on the Paul F. Tompkins show, Hannibal Burress’s comedy show, the Eric Andre live show, and the WITS show produced by American Public Media.

He produced the first “Mike Eagle Show” in January of 2014. It was a night of rap and comedy lauded by LA Weekly ‘as something they look forward to seeing more of’. He too thought they could have written something nicer.

His most recent work is alongside Busdriver, Nocando, milo, and more under the guise of Hellfyre Club. Their 2013 mixtape “Dorner Vs Tookie” was praised by Pitchfork, the Chicago Reader, LA Weekly and more.

He was named Impose Magazine’s Rapper of the Year for 2013. The rapper of the whole entire year.

His new album is Dark Comedy. Its 45 minutes of attempting to giggle at the abyss. It features raps from Hannibal Burress and Das Racist’s Kool A.D. Beats from Jeremiah Jae, Dibia$e, Busdriver and more. Its his first release on Mello Music Group.

Scallops Hotel

A rights of passage through an art form usually insists that the ego be destroyed and reimagined. With rap the ego is never destroyed, it's given an arena to be re-contextualised, re-informed all in service of hailing its genesis. The beginnings of Black men has set the gold standard for our systemic injustice, and forging genius with nothing in the same breath. So retracing our collective woe is the only instruction a Black person needs to lock into a timeless feeling. In the Scallops Hotel, sounds and melody are drawn from feeling then placed along a sequence that coalesces into a train of thought, then eventually, a personal culture. Maintaining this space finds Rory Ferreira (aka milo) replacing the anxiety abacus with crash courses in the language of fading afternoons. A stay there is meant to be an in-between but ends up sagging in the memory and coloring all that follows.

Ferreira has shifted, using pared-down language as the raw data of the heart. What begins as refinement of his most basic faculties becomes a ritual awash in a renewed sense of home. Through this the exceptional negro becomes buoyant, swallowing his mirror and peeling storyboards from his tan forearm. If he has no nation to claim then his unsolicited bio-feed is the passport to the ancient after-future of his own design: THE SCALLOPS HOTEL

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