Brian Hill & The Noh Starrs Residency

Brian Hill & The Noh Starrs

Brian Hill is testing the boundaries of what has come to be known as “rock” music. Drawing inspiration from the downtown/experimental scene of NYC, as well as the worlds of glam, drone, no-wave, rock and roll, punk, and krautrock, he manipulates the craft of songwriting to create something familiar yet undefinable. His lyrics are fluid, defined by his experience of this world (as well as what is beyond it) and informed by his examination of it. Hill's process is heavily influenced by contemporary visual art (work is often influenced by artists, both friends and non-musical collaborators) and indebted by a deep love of the stage.

The Noh Starrs present an innovative approach to conventional rock and roll in both recording and live shows. The band consists of close friends and collaborators Robbie Wood, Joo Joo Ashworth (Froth), Jeffrey Fribourg, Laena Geronimo (Feels), Tomas Dolas (Mr. Elevator), and more as the band is constantly evolving—changing members and instruments with every show.

In the studio, the recording process often involves incorporating many versions of live takes and editing live jams in the studio ala-CAN, as well as experimenting with studio- as-an-instrument production techniques, and often one-take-vocals to illustrate the urgency and lyrical content of the songs, which are equal part feeling and talent. The final outcome is an entirely new take on a classic form.

Live, Hill manifests an entirely original persona: exuding confidence as he mimes on stage as easily as he runs through the audience. He kisses his band members and sings entire songs mid-backbend--playing or disregarding his guitar as he goes.

The band has recently finished recording their first full-length album in Los Angeles and New York City. They have no plans of slowing down with the recording process for their second record already underway in New York City and Philadelphia. They plan to tour internationally and consistently throughout 2017.

Brian's debut LP will be released August 18, 2017 via Beijing imprint Modern Sky.

Pinky Pinky

Debut EP from Pinky Pinky, a 3-piece Proto-Prog inspired rock band out of Los Angeles featuring teenagers Isabelle Fields (17, Guitar), Eva Chambers (17, Bass) and Anastasia Sanchez (19, Vocals/Drums).

Raspberry Blonde

The music of Raspberry Blonde is delicate and lovely, in the surf rock tradition of bands like Beach Fossils and Real Estate. Brosnan’s Los Angeles origins are evident in the sound of his music; he’s greatly inspired by The Beach Boys, and loves ’60s girl groups like The Ronettes and The Crystals. The music kind of sounds like what would happen if Mac DeMarco and Wavves had a baby: airy, wistful, and just a tiny bit melancholy.

Hazy existentialism can transform a pretty melody into a guilt-ridden Dear John Letter. It can take the bratty simplicity of licking a lollipop on the boardwalk, whistling "Les Sucettes,” and make it as heavy as clouds pillowing the California sun. Two years ago, Justine Brown—the 28-year-old drummer of dream-pop duo Summer Twins—began to explore the anxiety associated with regret. She was lovesick, secluded in her family home in Riverside, California. She had an electric guitar and a shoebox filled with painful memories. She referred to her project as “Easy Love.”

“I betrayed the person I loved the most,” she says. “Being honest with him about it was heartbreaking, but also freeing.” Released from the shackles of regret, Easy Love became her musical wings. After spending half her life collaborating with her sister, for this project Justine played all the instruments and provided all the vocals.The result was an LP of 9 tracks recorded and engineered by Eric Penna throughout 2016. Most of the songs were recorded in her bedroom with guitars strewn across the bed, a vintage microphone set up next to her dresser, and an amp in the closet. Penna engineered and recorded Easy Love by exploring ‘90s Rock and 60’s French Pop —guided by Brown’s self-referential lyricism. On “No One Like You,” her lithe falsetto floats over a surfy track that’s groovy, above the waves, but dark once you swim under the current of regret found in her words: “There’s no excuse for how I treated you. I should have done things right.”

Easy Love transforms Brown’s heartache into life-affirming guitar rock. It’s head bobbing "yeah, yeah,” a strictly Californian variety. Melancholic, at times, on unplugged tracks like “The Melody.” It’s also deliciously simple. “I will shine, I’ll be just fine,” she sings on the track “I’ll Be Fine,” which blends the twee K Records vibe, with distorted ‘90s grunge-pop. On the album’s emotional ballad, “Love Letter,” Brown tells the story of reading an old letter from her former lover. It’s a dreamy waltz through a brokenhearted girl’s messy bedroom, where solitude breeds uneasy romance and ‘60s yé-yé naivety.

Easy Love (self titled) was released on February 3 by California labels Burger Records and Lolipop Records. The Easy Love live band consists of Justine Brown (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Chelsea Brown (harmony vocals and lead guitar), Natalie Burris (bass), Dave Jauregui (drums) and Anders LaSource (other percussion). Justine and Chelsea are also the core members of Summer Twins (Burger Records).


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