After battling the unattainable with the 2015 EP "Intertwined With You", Fossil Youth are back and at it again with their new full length "A Glimpse Of Self Joy". AGOSJ not only works well as individual songs but, also tells one cohesive story that takes you on a journey from the opening chords of the contagious sing along "Watercolor Daydream" to the final ring out of the epic closer "Linger In My Head", where singer/guitarist Scottie Noonan laments over and over again, “You don’t need me at all”.

Noonan attacks the initial roadblocks, relapses, fond recollections, reminiscing and ultimately, the final resolution of a toxic relationship. Throughout the album, there is consistency in storytelling, that when listened to in sequential order, will bring a sense of apathy to the listener. Personal yet still universal, AGOSJ brings urgency in its’ songwriting. Noonan persists, “Although you know you shouldn't, you're replaying the best memories you have in the back of your head.”

For the recording of the album, Fossil Youth tapped producer Jay Maas (Citizen, The Menzingers, Somos) and headed to Boston, MA. You can hear hints of the laidback groove of Turnover melding with the quiet/loud dynamics of Balance & Composure. Songs like "Minco" & "Sitting In A Spinning Room" showcase the bands penchant for slowing things down and compelling the listener to firmly grasp every melody, while songs like "Forest Eyes" and "Late Night Swim" hit you right in the face and force you to bop your head with the beat.

A Glimpse Of Self Joy will be released November 4th on 12”/CD/CS/Digital via Take This To Heart Records. Catch Fossil Youth on tour this fall all across the USA.

Pop punk powerhouse from Tulsa, OK.

Downward (formerly known as Dad. The Band)

We are a 6-piece band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band originally formed as an experiment. Six kids from an art school that teaches band performance wanted to see what they could do on their own. When a high school battle of the bands came about, Tim, a senior at the time, really only wanted to get a group together, and play a few songs for the sake of the experience. We never intended to go any further than that.
The project started with two guitars, electronic drums, bass and piano. Tim called me when another guitarist never showed up, and asked if I had the time to play in another band. Being in a hardcore band that was slowing down, I couldn't say no to playing a show with some friends. We all got together and played a few things Tim had written, and all we knew is we needed a drummer. I called Tollie, the drummer of my old band, and told him to come down and play with us. Since then, the band format hasn't changed.
We played our first two songs for months in Tim’s bedroom. When Battle of the Bands came along, we really had nothing to worry about. We opened the show, played our two songs (and a brand new cover to fill in our extra time). We raised $400 for the food bank, and won people’s choice.
With our influences ranging everywhere from emo to pop, writing came really naturally to us. As different as we were from each other in the beginning, we all new what we wanted. We have never scrapped an idea, and have written more than 15 songs since we started.
After that show, we just kept practicing together. Since then we've just been playing everywhere we can, from clubs to homeless shelters, and writing and recording whenever we get the chance.

Members: Tim Clark, Drew Richardson, Tollie Pugh, Shaan Seera, Bailey Helterbrand, and Grace Clark

Growing up in Oklahoma, music can be a door just waiting to be opened. On the other side is a loving group of family and friends, a whirlwind of emotions and the feeling of acceptance. Goodfella is just 5 guys with their doors wide open for all to pass through.

Starting in March 2014 with their first single, "Mommas Boy", the band set off to play shows all around Oklahoma and the states that surround them.

After a couple member changes, the band released their first EP in May 2015. "Life, the EP" consists of 5 tracks with upbeat melodies and tales of friendship. Giving an overall message that your friends will have your back no matter what life may throw at you.

Goodfella has been playing shows, shooting music videos and writing songs. Get ready what 2016 may hold, it might be a game changer.

Tulsa Alternative. members of City Never Sleeps



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