The Boobies, Kid Brother, Milo in the Doldrums

The Boobies

Picture the color periwinkle blue spray painted by a Ramone, add blistering vocals with traces of Southern soul, and a David Byrne sense of showmanship and you get the boobies. With half the band hailing from North Carolina, and the other half from Texas, these fetching Southern boys came together to form a garage-pop four-piece with some serious teeth. Equipped with surf-rock inspired riffs, slick lyrics, and savage attitude, the boobies are set to tear venues apart.

Kid Brother

Kid Brother is an independent band from Northern Virginia, founded when the celestial space gods called upon Chris, Dylan, Lindsey, Sam, and Christian to go forth and create a band in the spring of the year of our lords, 2016. Focused on originality and genuine lyricism, Kid Brother fuses together elements from rock and roll, indie, folk, and blues to create a sound that is their own.

Milo in the Doldrums

Milo in the Doldrums is an indie rock band hailing from the sandy beaches of northern VA. Tinged with melancholia and uplifted by a love of life, Milo in the Doldrums harnesses the power of music to overcome the despondency of the modern world… and, y’know, do stuff!



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