Sext Message, Crunk Witch, Minimums, Gore Gore Luchadores, Death Fair 2000

Sext Message

Stephanie and Jonathan "Battleship" Hughes and their dueling keytars are so awesome and sexy it's out of control. Synth pop and sexy jams for your earholes. Kinda dirty, kinda funny, all party.

Crunk Witch

Started in late 2009, this baby has strove to challenge social faux pas through power packed electronic anthems filled with tales of fantasy and horror. Endorsed by PETA2, this band has been on 6 tours and played over 100 shows. Their quickly sold out debut, 'The Battle Beyond E.P.', was soon followed by the full-length record, "The Legends Of Manicorn" released on Milled Pavement Records. The band generated a heavy youtube buzz when their single, 'The Battle Beyond', was featured in a Jenna Marbles video with over 10 million views. After recently signing a licensing deal with Bunim/Murray (creators of Real World, Road Rules, Project Runway, etc.), the band won the award for 'Best Eletronic Act' at the 2011 Phoenix Awards. Currently Crunk Witch is hard at work on their follow up effort and are ready to explore all future opportunities. If you would like to contact Crunk Witch you can email:


American Pop Punk Rock from Charlotte.

Gore Gore Luchadores

Girls getting rad in the ring for a good cause!

Death Fair 2000

Minimums and Sext Message supergroup.
Really rad for real and appearing for one night only.

$5.00 - $7.00


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