A conversation between subterranean dirt and electrified sky; an invocation of the

dueling destructive forces of blazing fire and icy frost; Hundred Suns make music

cinematic in scope, haunting in presence, and disruptive in its moody upheaval.

Like the power harnessed by the imaginative connotation evoked in their moniker,

Hundred Suns offer an ambitious exploration of storytelling, introspective adventure,

and atmospheric majesty, crushing in its depth and beautiful in its steady execution.

Hundred Suns drown themselves in doomy groove, bass driven power, loud guitars,

and surreal sonic tribalism, with reverent worship of classic darkly romantic alt-rock

bands, the scorching intensity of underground music, and the melodic clarity of the

more uncompromising radio trailblazers of decades past. Deftones, A Perfect Circle,

and even Chevelle are reference points, distant cousins even. But Hundred Suns

boast disparate elements from post-grunge to the mind-expanding meditative epics

churned out by critical darling progressive rock in equal measure, fused into

something freshly unique. Hundred Suns sounds both familiar and groundbreaking.

The trio responsible for Hundred Suns is no stranger to making music, of course,

celebrating the heavier extremes of the art form with angst-fueled anthems around

the world, in their respective projects, both past and present. But vocalist and lyricist

Cory Brandan (Norma Jean), powerhouse drummer Ryan Leger (ex-Every Time I

Die), and principal songwriter/guitarist Chris LeMasters (ex-Dead & Divine) unlock

grand mysteries with emotional resonance as Hundred Suns, as evidenced all over

their immersive and diverse debut album for New Damage Records, The Prestaliis.

Hundred Suns is the convergence of darkness, intention, and emotion, summoning

an enrapturing dreamscape of haunting songs that are multilayered yet delivered

with urgent immediacy. Tastemaker media outlets like Revolver, Alternative Press,

and BBC1 with Daniel Carter have already taken notice. The response from fans is

no less exciting, with a crowd-funded campaign that easily surpassed its initial goal.

LeMasters assembled a massive stockpile of songs with Brandan’s voice and

sensibilities in mind after the duo got to know each other sharing a bus together

while touring across Europe. As soon as the singer heard what would become

“Fractional,” he raced to his home recording setup to lay down ideas. Those early

inspirations tracked as preproduction demos survived to the finished versions of

many songs. Early adopters quickly embraced both “Fractional” and “Bedburner.”

Armed with the support of campaign backers, Hundred Suns conjured their lush

debut full-length, together with producer/engineer Sam Guaiana (Like Pacific), vocal

engineer/producer Jeremy SH Griffith (Norma Jean, Underoath), and

producer/mixer (and Saosin guitarist) Beau Burchell (Blaqk Audio, The Bronx).

Bookended by “The Prestaliis I” and “The Prestaliis II,” the album stays anchored in

darker sensibilities while abandoning any boundaries or preconceived notions about

subject matter, painting vivid mental imagery within its nuanced songbook. The

tracks delve into adult themes without the constraints of literal truth, navigating

between different points of view in search of broader stories and esoteric expansion.

The Prestaliis explores catastrophe, elemental power, primitive anxieties, and

complex struggles within songs that are straightforward and structured, free and

invigorating, yet deceptively focused on details. Hundred Suns meditates on the

unspoken sentiments that hang in the air, the conversations that often are never

had, yet exist on the tip of the tongue for so many that often feel the same conflict.

Multidimensional stories intersect with colorfully vibrant music, shrouded and

cloaked in introspective fog ‘though they may be. Hundred Suns is an invitation to

artistic indulgence, to creative alchemy, and to drink in each shared experience.

“Time scrapes by,” bellows Brandan. “Look to the sky and open your mouth.”

Deathbreaker (formerly Redeem the Exile) is a Hardcore band based out of Olympia, Washington. We have just finished recording a new full length album with Matt Bayles in Seattle, Washington, and will be releasing with Facedown Records on May 12th.
We have been a band for six years. In those six years, we have released 2 EP’s, our current full length, done several west coast tours, a national tour, opened for several tour packages including Silent Planet and Norma Jean and have played many festivals such as Creation Northwest and Joshua Fest in California.

We are Open Mind, a hardcore band from Seattle.

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