Okie Homie Showcase w/ Tom King

Tom King (Tulsa, OK)

Tom enjoys a range of topics from the unique experiences he saw growing up in a small town to witty and insightful social commentary thus making him the “Hillbilly Nightmare.” Tom performs his energetic brand of stand-up as the host of the monthly late night talk show Tulsa Tonight.

Madison Allen (OKC)

Madison Allen is a comedian from OKC. He has performed at Blue Whale Comedy Festival, The Hoboken Comedy Festival, and Norman Music Festival. He has a terrible diet, but recently bought a membership to a gym.

Kayla Lyles (Edmond, OK)

Kayla Lyles is a comedian and writer from Oklahoma. She has performed at numerous festivals including Gilda’s LaughFest, and Southwest LaughFest. She served as a Speech Writer for the State Senate and currently writes for KFOR-TV. Kayla captures audiences with her keen wit and charming delivery.

Vanessa Dawn (Tulsa, OK)

Vanessa is an observational comic that will make you see the humor in everyday life from a hilarious angle.

Alex Sanchez (OKC)

Alex Sanchez is a nice boy with good opinions. He has opened shows for Baron Vaughn, Kurt Braunohler, and James Adomian, and has opened doors for numerous elderly people. According to experts, Alex has never sinned and WILL be getting into heaven.

Uncle Gary (Tulsa, OK)

Uncle Gary likes to tell jokes and stories about his life. Personal thoughts on his experiences woven together into a cautionary tale and delivered with an endearing quality uniquely his own. Also, dick jokes!

Heather Mackay (Tulsa, OK)

Heather Mackay is judging you. Explore dating in mid-life, dealing with those %$#* kids, curing cancer by boning in motel parking lots, and supporting your racist parents’ dreams of stardom. She might even share her recipe for killer ranch dip…but only after she talks to your manager.

Wampus Reynolds (Norman, OK)

First off, "Wampus" is a Sanskrit word for "Accepted To Festival." Wampus Reynolds is a cerebral comic who mixes wordplay, wry observation and shock for the smarts who laugh at dumb. He's opened for Josh Gondelman and Todd Barry, hosts a monthly talk show and has a reliable car.

Heath Huffman (OKC)

Heath Huffman is a stand-up comic from Oklahoma City. By making surreal observations about everyday subjects, his act is almost as dreamy as he is. Heath has opened for Ron Babcock, and writes and performs on a monthly comedy show called Saadboys Presents. Heath is a comedy 9 but a real life 6.

Cam Porter (Bixby, OK)

Cam Porter is a Stand-Up Comedian from Tulsa, Oklahoma. With his laid back, story-telling style of comedy, he has been making audiences laugh for five years.

Shawna Blake (Tulsa, OK)

Shawna Blake is a stand-up comedian from rural Oklahoma. Her poor life choices translate into awkward and relate-able material she has performed all over the Midwest. She's never met a cheeseburger she didn't like and considers vodka an essential food group.

TJ Clark (Tulsa, OK)

Based in Tulsa, TJ can be seen on stages all over Oklahoma and surrounding areas. The bodacious bodied, single father of three has opened for national touring acts like Dave Stone and Tim Northern. A winner of OK, So's monthly story slam, TJ will be competing for Tulsa's Best Storyteller in April.

Ashlyn Johnson (Tulsa, OK)

Ashlyn Nicole has been performing her unique, and quirky style of comedy in Tulsa, Ok and the surrounding regions. This energetic fire pot's wacky views on the dating world and her hispanic heritage will have you rolling. This vixen has hosted shows and has opened for Tony Ybarra and Tracy Smith.

Jeff Thomas (Tulsa, OK)

Jeff has performed throughout the state of Oklahoma and has been fortunate enough to perform at the last two Blue Whale Comedy Festivals.

Aaron Wilder (OKC)

Aaron Wilder is a comedian and improv performer in Oklahoma City. He has performed in the Blue Whale Comedy Festival and opened for Cameron Esposito. His comedy is violently gay and morally suspect. In his professional life, Aaron is an activist and the Oklahoma organizer for Planned Parenthood.

Cameron Brewer (OKC)

Cameron Brewer is a stand up comedian currently working out of the Oklahoma City area. When he is not performing at local comedy shows, he can be found around town, ranting about the artist merit of comic books to whoever is in earshot.

Hilton Price (Tulsa, OK)

A veteran of the Tulsa comedy scene, Hilton is known to many as one of Tulsa's best MCs. A regular host at Tulsa's Loony Bin Comedy Club and Comedy Parlor, Hilton is best known as the unpredictable compere for live burlesque events, including the Nude Erotic Art Show and Twolips Burlesk.

Jeff Caillouette (OKC)

Jeff Caillouette, is a stand-up based in Oklahoma City and has worked in clubs and showcases across the Midwest. Jeff uses a style of comedy that blends thinking outside of the box and a goofy uncle that isn't afraid to offer awful life advice if he thinks it will make you laugh!


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