After the national and international recognition attained by their albums Donde Jugaran Las Ninas? and Apocalypshit, the most controversial rock band returns to the scene with a new production titled: Dance And Dense Denso.
Molotov return by their wits to accomplish a sound that is compact and with a message full of sarcastic humor and chaos that have been their trademark since the very beginning, such is the case of "Changuich A La Chichona" or "Punketon", to site a few.
Additionally, the band keeps on poking at the wounds of various social problems as expressed in "Frijolero", the first single off their new production, as well as in "ECharles White". On the other hand, the difficulty of a father/son relationship is expressed in Randy's composition, "I'm The One", as well as the critique of the corrupt and theiving attitude of our government demonstrated in "Que Se Caiga El Teatro". Once more, Molotov makes no concessions.
In Dance And Dense Denso, the group demonstrates itself as more solid. The collaboration between the four band members was total and although the authorship of the songs could be based on individual incentive, all of them contributed to the construction of that mural of sound, which bounces off the speakers from song to song.
Dance And Dense Denso was recorded during the months of June through September of 2002 at Larabee Studios in Los Angeles, converting it into the album to which the musicians of Molotov contributed the most effort and time. The general producer was Gustavo Santaolalla, the associate producer was Anibal Kerpel and the members of Molotov also became involved.
Dance And Dense Denso was mixed by the engineer Robert Carranza at Soundcastle, in Riverside, California. This person had previously collaborated with the band and with Mario Caldato in the production of Apocalypshit. These elements managed to accomplish a better sound and execution on behalf of Molotov.
In this album Molotov is once again a tight foursome. The four of them execute everything that is heard, from guitars, keyboard, programming, etc., channeling all of the group's strength when on stage.
The artwork on the album was designed by Edoardo Chavarin, a Tijuana native living in that bordering city and who has also worked on the albums of Arbol, Dracma, La Vela Puerca, Erica Garcia and recently Kronos Quartet.
Dance And Dense Denso not only retakes the cussing, but also the ironic message found in their debut album. It contains a sour social criticism, mixed with simple diversion. This material allows the existence of a much stronger dynamic scene during their presentations.
The wait is over, Molotov turn in their third production, Dance And Dense Denso, becoming more proof of the band member's talent. It represents one step more in the evolution of an irreverent group attitude that maintains fidelity to it's initial proposal: strong music, direct lyrics and the best sense of humor for living during these times

Simpson Ahuevo

Simpson Ahuevo, fotógrafo y MC originario de Hermosillo, pero radica en el DF para ser exactos en la Colonia Roma, tiene la costumbre de documentar todo lo que sucede a su alrededor, a esto le agrega beats, ritmos y flows para lograr una buena canción. Por lo general se ve envuelto en acontecimientos especiales o fiestas inolvidables, esto lo combina con rimas finas que crean experiencias de vidas únicas y divertidas, que logran dar un mensaje de lo que esta sucediendo en la sociedad mexicana contemporanea, siempre esta acompañado de compas y morritas chulas.

Diamante Eléctrico

Diamante Eléctrico se ha consolidado como una de las propuestas más importantes de la escena independiente Colombiana. Su sonido crudo y bluesero, su propuesta visual a través de sus videos y un enérgico y contagioso show en vivo han hecho que Latinoamérica ponga sus ojos y oídos en ellos. Han tocado en algunos de los festivales más importantes de las Américas como Vive Latino, Rock Al Parque, SXSW, Estereo Pícnic, LAMC, Machaca Fest, Macy´s Parade y Pal Norte entre otros. Han sido escogidos por bandas legendarias como Rolling Stones y Foo Fighters abrir sus shows, igualmente por bandas Latinoamericanas tan importantes como como Caifanes, Café Tacuba, Catupecu Machu y Molotov entre otros.
Su álbum debut "Diamante Eléctrico" fue lanzado en 2013 a través de una exitosa campaña de Crowdfunding siendo la primera banda Colombiana en hacerlo.. Su Segundo álbum "B" fue galardonado en 2015 con el Grammy Latino a mejor disco Rock además de haber ganado 2 Premios Shock en Colombia y un premio POTQ en Chile.
Con más de 250 shows a su haber por todo el continente, el Diamante sigue agarrando fuerza en Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos con su tercer disco "la Gran Oscilación" con el que seguramente tendrán un 2017 bien atareado.


Skarmas es una banda de ska & rock con muchisimos covers y canciones originales, orgullosos de ser mexicanos y localmente reconocidos y repetados.



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