Trends come and go, but the idea of a bunch of guys getting together in a garage and playing the kind of music that makes the neighbors call the cops — that’s forever. And it’s that idea that is crystallized in the form of Radio Moscow. The power trio led by the Stratocaster genius Parker Griggs have found THE formula: Crunching, heavy Sabbath-style chords topped with fiery solos that earn the right to be called Hendrix-ian. RM plants their flag firmly in the territory where psychedelic rock and cranked-up blues meet. The sound is unapologetically retro (think Cream, Blue Cheer, Led Zep or Jimi Hendrix Experience), so it’s easy to see how it caught the ear of the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced Radio Moscow’s 2007 self-titled debut. 

With Brain Cycles, their second album, Radio Moscow proved that they’re not a time machine but a direct descendant from the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll. In 2011, Griggs continued his psychedelic trip with The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz, released by Alive Records. In June 2014, the band released their most recent album Magical Dirt, also on Alive.

Parker, bassist Anthony Meier and drummer Paul Marrone hit the road hard in the U.S. and in Europe, touring with the likes of Graveyard, Witchcraft, Joe Bonamassa, Pentagram, Flower Travelling Band and Bang. In spring 2015, the band joined the Up in Smoke tour in Europe (with Colour Haze), and while in Germany appeared on the legendary German television program Rockpalast where the band performed a set, played acoustic and was interviewed.
Back in the U.S., Radio Moscow shared the main stage with Kylesa and Earth for Psycho California at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA., and headed back to Europe for six festival performances and hall shows in July.  Following their sold-out Mexico City debut, the band toured the U.S. in the fall with the Sheepdogs. The trio wraps up the busy year by recording a double-live album at the Satellite in Silver Lake, California, in December. The release will be issued in all formats, including 2-LP vinyl with a gatefold and a poster.

“I would be lying if I did not say I have been completely taken with this, the fourth album from lovingly/freakishly retro combo Radio Moscow—a fabulous trio from Iowa including the amazing guitarist/singer Parker Griggs, bassist Anthony Meier and drummer Paul Marrone. With an album cover that absolutely evokes another album I have seen in my lifetime but simply can’t remember—must be the font, you’ve got to love these guys—the band actively evokes all that was great about hard-rock trios of the ‘60s, the Blue Cheers, the Creams, etc., but does it with such gleeful abandon you’ve got to admire both their spirit and whatever time capsule they rode in on. Great fun.” Dave DiMartino, Rolling Stone.

The Last Internationale

The Last Internationale is a NY band founded by singer Delila Paz and guitarist Edgey. Fusing the powerful storytelling and working-class concerns of classic folk and blues with the rabble-rousing spirit of punk rock, they have built a reputation through steady touring. TLI has shared the stage with artists such as Tom Morello, Joan Baez, Tim Armstrong and Wayne Kramer. Acts they have toured with include Robert Plant, Neil Young, The Who, Kings of Leon, Slash, Scott Weiland, Weezer, One Republic, and many more.

TLI self-released an EP in 2013 called New York, I Do Mind Dying. The band's debut full-length studio album, We Will Reign, was released in 2014 on Epic Records after LA Reid signed them based solely on hearing their cover of Woody Guthrie's "Deportees" and original song demos of "Wanted Man" and "Workers of the World - Unite!", a topical workers' anthem. The situation turned darkly ironic as they were left fighting for their identity against the pressures of assimilating to the homogenizing, hyper-sexualized culture of the pop industry. In 2015, finally freed from their recording contract, TLI released a Mahalia Jackson cover, "I'm Gonna Live the Life I Sing About in My Song," on Tom Morello's Firebrand Records. They are currently finishing up their sophomore album and getting ready to get back on the road.



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