Michale Graves

Michale Graves

Michael Emanuel (b. March 21, 1975), better known by his stage name Michale Graves, is an American singer and songwriter. He is known for his work with the reformed Misfits (from 1995 to 1998 and again from late 1998 until late 2000).

PAIN! Is a five piece horror punk/Metal band that hails from the DC / Baltimore area and have been around for 5 years. Born from the ashes of local punk and death metal bands, PAIN! Are currently reviving the punk scene in Baltimore, DC and beyond. Comprising of Timmy Pain on vocals, Baron Von Pain on bass, Nekro Pain on drums, Fester Pain on guitar, PAIN! have amassed an extremely loyal following with their unique sound on today's scene. A throwback to the days of rockabilly and horror punk, and with an added flare of modern sound, PAIN! is proving that you don't have to follow the crowd to find your niche. In a world filled with the same sounds coming from all the new bands, PAIN! is showing us that horror, blood and a hell of a good time are easily had if you know where to look.

With the release of their album "Waking The Dead" in June of 2013, EP "Heres to the Afterlife" released December of 2013 and the new CD "Call of the Dead" . look for PAIN! to be bringing their brand of punk to a city near you soon! Recent sponsorship endorsements with SilverFox and Oktober Guitars have boosted PAIN!'s notoriety in the scene and given the world a chance to see what their fans have known all along. PAIN! is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing punk bands to hit the scene in many years.

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