Ice Sword

Ice Sword

Forged from pure glacial force; Ice Sword is five battle-hardened warriors bringing high-fantasy/power-metal, bestowing lost tales of old. Through these bards, storied legend is conveyed with crushing riffs, shredding musicianship, and a melodic poignancy seldom heard in metal music today. Having shared the stage with countless renowned, influential acts and recently finishing their Midwest tour, Ice Sword has decimated all foe who would stand in their way and continue to ascend the burning seige tower to glory.


Members: Andy Lane, Pauly C., Todd Matyas
Formed 2014 in Flagstaff Arizona playing an unrelenting style of extreme metal powered by blast beats and technical guitar riffs.
Crafting a sonic soundscape of death and destruction with a lyrical slant on real world issues and humanities failures as heard on the first full length release Apocalyptic Awakening. This style of music has allowed the band to fit in with a variety of heavy acts and have shared the stage with Napalm Death, Suffocation, Today is the Day, Full Of Hell, Phobia, Ice Sword and many others.


Kvasura was started as a pet project by 2 brothers Boris and Sergey. They moved from Russia to the states when they were kids but they did not want to forget their roots. They combined their passion for heavy metal with their love and respect for their heritage to create a unique music project. After being joined by Arrow, Kane and Justin this venture finally came to fruition. In the beginning of 2015, due to personal reasons Kane could no longer remain as the band's vocalist. Instead of replacing him the rest of the guys decided to carry on as a four piece taking on the vocal responsibilities. As a result the sound of Kvasura has shifted from traditional metal to a darker, more blackened direction. Although Kvasura staples like catchy folky melodies and gang vocals still remain intact. The name itself comes from Slavic mythology. Kvasura was the name of a Pagan god of alcohol, drunkenness and hangovers. This name represents the band's sound and lyrical context perfectly. Heavy melodic blackened metal influenced by Russian folk music with songs about nature, mythology and, you guessed it, drunken good times is what Kvasura is all about. Since its conception, Kvasura has played numerous shows all over Arizona opening for renown national and international acts like Allegaeon, Exmortus, Arkona, Vehemence and Alestorm.


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