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The Accused AD

If you like hardcore and metal. You have a warm spot for good old days. You probably liked the Accused from Seattle. Considered to be one of the top ten crossover bands of the 80’s. With just one original member the real accused is still plugging along. But the rest of the guys from the band still wanted to play the old songs. So what did they do? Formed the accused AD (formerly known as martha’s revenge),
This time around the accused AD will be playing songs off of the Combat Records Release “More fun than an open casket funeral”. To commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the release.

Enemy of the State

Enemy Of The State came out of Riverhead, New York on eastern Long Island. It was started by brothers Jon and Rick Rizzo as a way to start a project that fully incorporated their favorite styles of music. After recruiting Miguel Rodriguez on bass and "Rattlesnake" Jake Monkan on vocals as of February 2013, sporadic and random practices began. As of October 2014, Jeremy Governale has joined Enemy Of The State on guitar; bringing the band to a five piece. November 2015, original vocalist "Rattlesnake" Jake Monkan left Enemy Of The State due to personal matters unfortunately before being able to successfully create a completed demo. After searching for a short time Jesse Milidantri joined Enemy Of The State as their new lead vocalist in December 2015. Jesse's vocal style has greatly sharpened EOTS's metal edge with high shrieks and gutteral lows added to the already familiar fast socially conscious skate thrash sound. Within the month of February 2016 Enemy Of The State finally began to record and plan to release a professional EP. March 2016 Miguel Rodriguez, original bassist, left EOTS due to artistic and personal reasons. On April 20th, 2016 EOTS released their first self title EP/demo. Scott Finn of Long Island thrash metal band Accelerator stepped in as temporary bassist until a permanent member could be found and after trying out a few people for the position Enemy Of The State decided to take on death-doom Locus Mortis' bassist Devin Stracuzza on as a permanent bassist during the summer of 2016. During the fall of 2016 Enemy Of The State joined up with Warcrust Records featuring punk, grindcore, and extreme metal outfits all over the United States. After several shows at home, down the east coast, and beyond they decided to record their second self released demo, in March 2017 entilted "Pogo's Playhouse" and was released in May 2017 for free on multiple internet platforms.

Featuring sounds similar to old school legends and modern favorites. Tune in. Check it out. Get in the pit!

Bands we've been sharing the stage with: Cro-Mags, D.R.I. Sworn Enemy, Skull Fist, Caught In A Crowd, Not Afraid, Agitator, Shai Hulud, Extinction A.D and a multitude of many other amazing musical talents!





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