Jagg Off 7: A Mick Jagger Birthday Spectacular

Jagg Off 7: A Mick Jagger Birthday Spectacular

Mick is turning 74 this year and we are going all in Burlington! For our 7th Annual we've created a star studded bash featuring an incredible all-star band dedicated to honoring the Greatest Frontman in the History of Rock N Roll.

The Band:
Seth Yacovone
Collin Craig
Alex Budney
Sean Preece
Mike Fried
Joe Moore


In addition to celebrating the rich musical history that he's created, we'll be celebrating the man too, with the legendary Jagg Off/ Dance Competition where you get to show your moves like Jagger. And new for this year - a costume contest! Get yer best Stones tee, football outfit or Mick jumpsuit on.

This is gonna be a night wild enough to make a grown man cry.

Let's Spend the Night Together.

Sponsors: Citizen Cider, Fiddlehead Brewing

$15.00 - $18.00


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