Turnover is a fast and to the point, punk band based out of Virginia Beach. Their debut self titled EP consists of 5 songs, totaling at just under fourteen minutes. With honest lyrics, and simple but catchy riffs, the EP is solid beginning to end. Turnover is sure to be one of this year's best upcoming bands.

Elvis Depressedly

For the better part of the last five years, South Carolina's Mat Cothran has plied his trade under the name Coma Cinema. Over four albums under that Joy Division-referencing moniker, Cothran has explored the limits of moody, downtrodden songwriting. These are tracks that mine the darker parts of his upbringing and his menial day-to-day to reveal sublime transmutations of singer-songwriter tropes.

But the beauty of Cothran's work is that it isn't entirely centered on darkness and futility. For Cothran, it's just as important to be able to laugh into the void. That much is evident even in the name of his onetime side project, Elvis Depressedly. Though his work under the Depressedly banner is largely simpler and shorter than his album-length statements as Coma Cinema, these full-band efforts have illustrated the full breadth and depth of his songwriting repertoire. With Delaney Mills and new bassist Michael Roberts, Cothran is in the process of crafting his first proper full length under the Elvis Depressedly name, called New Alhambra.

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