a place both wonderful and strange

a place both wonderful and strange

A place both wonderful and strange: "The Laura Palmer Deviations" album release event

a place both wonderful and strange ft Liberty Rose
Public Memory
Void Vision

a place both wonderful and strange announce the release of their album "The Laura Palmer Deviations", the soundtrack to their acclaimed Twin Peaks audio/visual performance piece "Keys Open Doors: The Hidden Life of Laura Palmer" .

Originating as a solo work via 2014's Eraserhood Fest as the after-show for David Lynch's Unified Field art opening, "The Hidden Life of Laura Palmer" has evolved into a sonic and visual duet between the band and other performers, touching on ambient, contemporary electronic, noise, and of course standard Lynchian sounds to "tell the secret tale of the final hours in the tragic life of Laura Palmer".

Liberty Rose is a legend and you know this.

Public Memory
Brooklyn's Public Memory is the project of Robert Toher (ERAAS), who released its debut album "Wuthering Drum" in March 2016 to great acclaim. Rhythm is at the forefront, with the tone informed by stripped down, narcotic impressions of krautrock, hypnotic percussion, and subtly layered atmospherics. There is a slightly religious or spiritual element at the core; a sense of being in existential crisis, while simultaneously being uplifted, in the face of change. The focus is on a kind of renewal, but not in the New Age, aggressively positive sense. This is the search for redemption in a far away place, away from comfort; it is adjustment to an inner dissonance, rather than the washing over of past fears and regrets with sterile holy waters.

Void Vision
Void Vision is the Philadelphia-based electronic/synthwave project of Shari Vari.
[Electronic, analog, synthwave, synthpop, new wave, coldwave, darkwave, experimental, synth, analogue, minimal synth, minimal wave... etc.]

is a grime destruction unit of unbridled emotion


Ghost Cop

Time is omnidirectional and best viewed through slate tinted glass. A low rise concrete brutalist dwelling covered in graphical and colorful sigils. A robot siren call warning of unchecked technological progress. The continual low ambient drones in any city, in any country.


After a brief stint rehearsing as an 80s cover band, former members of Philadelphia bands TV Sound, Action Reaction and Silk Stockade have joined forces in a collective musical super-endeavor: Voltheque. Merging classic gothic rock influences such as Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cult with Futurist and New Romantic styles of Depeche Mode and Visage, delightfully centered around a Duran Duran-esque groove, this band has all the elements of post-punk revival covered, along with plenty of originality to propel them into the modern age. In a live context, Voltheque conjures a unique and energetic performance like you’ve never seen, showcasing their pulsating rhythms, driving guitars, and ambient soundscapes to create a sound unique to the current Philadelphia music scene. Stay tuned for their upcoming single, Unearthed, which is currently in production at Philly Sound Studios.



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