By The Book - part of The Philadelphia Podcast Festival

By The Book - part of The Philadelphia Podcast Festival

By The Book is part reality show, part self-help podcast, and one wild ride. In each episode of By The Book, Jolenta and Kristen choose a different self-help book to live by and follow it to the letter to see which ones actually work. In their live show, Jolenta and Kristen will be doing a special By The Blog experience, where they share their findings after living by the rules of a questionable blog post. They'll also be doing dramatic readings of celebrity self-help bestsellers like "I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding" by Jessica Simpson and "How to be Famous," by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. And they'll be prescribing self-help books to public figures, like Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Chris Christie, and Barack Obama.

Kristen Meinzer is co-host of Panoply's By The Book, along with comedian and Moth StorySlam winner Jolenta Greenberg. By The Book is a reality show in audio form, where Jolenta and Kristen live religiously by a different self-help book in each episode. When she's not hosting, Kristen's producing shows for Panoply, most notably, Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Before Panoply, Kristen was culture producer for PRI/WNYC's daily national radio show, The Takeaway and co-hosted its weekly spinoff podcast Movie Date. She also served as the launch producer of The Sporkful podcast, and was a regular culture commentator on Soundcheck, the Brian Lehrer Show, and the New York broadcasts of All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Kristen holds a BA in cultural studies from the University of Minnesota, an MA in public history and consumer culture from New York University, and an MFA in fiction writing from Brooklyn College.

Jolenta Greenberg is a is a New York-based performer & producer. Her stand-up and storytelling have been featured all over NYC, she was a resident comedian for two years at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn, and she's a Moth StorySLAM winner. Jolenta has talked about news & culture for BBC Radio and NY Public Radio. She's also lent her voice to numerous radio and television commercials. As a producer, Jolenta helped launch the world's first women's podcast Festival, Werk It: How To Be A Grown Ass Podcaster and the Freakonomics gameshow, Tell Me Something I Don't Know. Currently, she is co-host (along with Kristen Meinzer) of the Panoply podcast, By The Book. By The Book, is a podcast reality show meets book club - where Greenberg and Meinzer live by different self help books to see if any actually work.

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