Being raised on a healthy dose of the country music narrative and the spiritual motivation of gospel music, Lydia is reconnecting with her roots by releasing her debut EP “Low Light”. Winner of the 2013 Oscar Peterson Award, Lydia has developed her work as a vocalist through studying jazz at Humber College, and through her active participation in the Toronto music scene. Lydia has been performing internationally with such groups as The O’Pears, Dwayne Gretzky and The Soul Motivators and now she is ready to create her own voice as a solo artist. “Low Light” highlights sounds from Canadian artists as Robbie Grunwald (Jill Barber, Good Lovelies), James Robinson (Lindi Ortega), Josh Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers), Drew Djreka (Jill Barber) and many more guests, highlighting some of Canada’s finest musicians. “Low Light” features Lydia’s personal songwriting alongside simple and subtle instrumentation inspired by her writing with the ukulele. The EP captures sounds akin to Eva Cassidy, Michael Kiwanuka and Ray Lamontagne as Lydia combines folk story-telling with a soulful vocal delivery.

Jill Chandler

Chandler's songs come from a place of love, a place of truth and a place of loss. With catchy melodies and poetic lyrics, her songs tell her story. A combination of both folk and pop, her music invites the listener to join her on the journey. Chandler is currently finishing recording her first EP, for release this coming year.



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