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FASIV began in 2013 as Illusion of Self with founding members Frank Abreau Salazar IV (Vocals//Guitar) and Miles DeIaco (Bass//Producer). After months of writing, producing and recording songs, Tim Aristil (Drums) accepted the opportunity to join the project. Soon to follow, was Sean Reilly (Guitar) “I fell in love after only hearing seconds of a song.”

In 2015, the band began demoing songs under the working name Strange Hotel and quickly gained momentum with their energetic live set and undeniable musicianship. Highlights include opening for the legendary rock band Boston, NAMM 2016 and their upcoming SXSW showcase.

Now, returning to their original name, FASIV and with the guidance of manager, Elizabeth Simon (Bourgeois Productions Presents) the band is poised to launch their debut release and embark on a West Coast Tour.

Formed in 2009, the Tacoma group Oh Dear! has enjoyed local success due to their sharp, incisive songwriting and driving indie pop melodies, which drew comparisons to bands like Pedro the Lion, Bright Eyes, and Minus the Bear. As guitarist for Oh Dear!, J. Martin has had years to hone his stagecraft, and his debut EP shows the fruits of his efforts.

Big Air began in 2013 in the hills of central Virginia where songwriter Rob Dobson crafted his own brand of upbeat, riff-heavy fuzz pop. Following the release of the debut EP, Buds, Dobson relocated to sunny Los Angeles and began work on material that would become Big Air’s first full-length, released in 2015 on Forged Artifacts. Recorded to tape in his bungalow in Echo Park, Don’t Care builds on the kinetic energy of the debut EP, while adding denser arrangements, headier atmosphere, and a broader palette of tones.


Byrddogs began with a room full of beautiful instruments without enough people to play them. Despite this small inconvenience, Sean Farrell and Travis Merrill couldn’t see any reason why they couldn’t learn how to play all of them, and so they practiced. For months and months on end they smoked, slept, and practiced. They played alone, they played together, they played horn-guitar-drum-piano-wind-bass-beats. In short, they played all the time. Slowly, but surely, they progressed, and before long a little collection of songs was born. Trav and Sean took the next logical step and recorded them in the basement, but once they finished recording they realized that they might need some help playing these songs live. The problem was they were addicted to switching instruments, so they had to find someone who could keep up with this swinging lifestyle. Luckily for them, Sean had gone to school with a shredding, get-down-delilah sort of motherfucker named Drew Sanders. The two invited Drew over for a jam one day, and as soon as it was all over, the three knew that the trio was something special, and so they set to practicing again. For the past year, the three have continued to improve their chops and expand their catalog. The band’s sound has naturally progressed to a happy mix of each members influences, some overlapping and some very disparate. There is a taste of Sabbath, Louie Armstrong, Slowdive, Mogwai, the Dickies, and Elliott Smith. Byrddogs plays because they truly love making and preforming music for anyone who will appreciate it. And to rock. Always to rock.

Pegasis is a progressive/alternative/hard rock power trio based out of Los Angeles, CA.



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