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Peacock Swagger picked as #1 album of 2009 at and

The Corner Laughers

Sassy and saucy, wistful and dreamy, San Francisco's indie-pop sweethearts The Corner Laughers combine rock-and-roll attitude with book smarts and open hearts to create a sound all their own. "Smart, bubbly pop ... The Corner Laughers' Ultraviolet Garden cuts studs its sugary hooks with quiz bowl vocabulary and surreal imagery. The tunes are airy, breezy and laced with unexpected lyrical twists ... Their second album, produced by the Orange Peels' Allen Clapp, puts a 1960s sheen onto conflicted, ebullient and intricately intelligent girl pop. All these songs are bright, sardonic, and without a trace of self pity, bouncing along on unstoppable beats and irresistible girls-rule harmonies." -- Blurt Magazine

Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands

Sean O'Brien is the original singer in the California band TRUE WEST. He ha also performed with DENIM TV and The MARIETTAS. He now performs as a solo artist and with his permanent band, The Dirty Hands. Solo CDs include Too Personal; Seed of Mayhem, Goodbye Game, The Drug of Memory and last year's Future Harvest. Sean is currently working on his next album for release in 2014.

Jason Berk

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