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The Clarences

The Clarences were hatched by Robert A. Medeiros in Oakland, California. He was traumatized because Mego never made a Green Lantern action figure. Then, he met Leslie Outhier at a Canadian bunny farm. After that, he met Erin Shannon at a reading aboard a b-52. Together, they are The Clarences!

Goggy started as a solo recording project of keyboardist/ singer-songwriter, Margrit Eichler (of the bay area trio, True Margrit). Margrit just tinkered away in the studio until her cats, Luc and Freddi, purred approval. But now Goggy has blossomed into a live trio--joining Margrit are multi-keyboardist extraordinaire, Nick O'Connor (of Sweet Peaches) and the vocal/percussion super-ninja, Pam Delgado (of Blame Sally, Monica Pasqual &The Handsome Brunettes, and the Pam & Jeri Show).

"An art-pop mix of sly songcraft and production savvy" --Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

Leisure McCorkle

Kinda like a flame-thrower of pop music in an otherwise drab top 40 world,” is just one of the many descriptions of North Carolina power-pop songwriter Leisure McCorkle. Both on tour with the full band and solo acoustic, McCorkle has logged well over a thousand shows playing across the globe. Releasing four albums ranging the spectrum of Beatles/Elvis Costello/Jellyfish type melodies and hooks with indie vision comparable to The Pixies, Elliott Smith, and Whiskeytown, Leisure McCorkle delivers “the passionate goods” each and every time he plays, from small intimate venues to large concert halls. McCorkle makes his latest stop to San Francisco at the Hotel Utah as part of his warm up to TWO new CD releases for 2013.

Butch Berry

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