Cortege is the brainchild of Chicago born Mike Swarbrick. Cortége is pronounced similarly to Cortez and is the French word for procession, Mike was at one time a mortuary student.
Swarbrick started out cutting his teeth in the Austin punk scene, playing bass in Bass Line Bums, Riverside Riot and The Schisms.
Mike met Thomas Collard (ex Thunderkeif) in the fall of 2012 and started paving the way of what would become Cortége.
Cortége began playing shows and released they're debut EP in the spring of 2016. Since then, Cortége has put out they're full-length s/t album and have completed 2 national tours of the midwest.
Adrian Voorhies (ex Humut Tabal, Canyon of the Skull) teamed up with Cortége in the fall of 2017.

Old guys pretending to be friends while wasting electricity.

Post-punk with a prog intellect that's not afraid to get a little dirty. Denver 3-piece.



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