Nathan Gill, Fantasy Eye

Nathan Gill

Charlottetown-born night owl Nathan Gill is a rock and roll singer-songwriter. Nathan is an acolyte of artists like Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. His lyrics often foil gritty or abstract elements against ones that are sweet and sincere. As the front man and songwriter for North Lakes, Nathan has garnered two Music PEI Awards for Rock Album of the Year. While Nathan continues to contribute to several bands, his solo performances draw upon a healthy stable of songs that have wandered across images of our Canadian Northeast.

Fantasy Eye

Fantasy Eye is a new band comprised of the members of Psychic Fair (neuseiland, thrush hermit, superfriendz, etc, etc) and visual artist/musician Mitchell Wiebe (soaking up jagged, pastoralia). They play pre/post-punk rock 'n' roll that's not too smart to have fun.
Their debut full-length Ostrogoth Ear Jewels will be released in the Fall of 2017.



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