At the place where endings become beginnings, you'll find Adyn Townes. He turned a fall into the ocean and months of recovery into his jumping off point.

His music is challenging. Alternative indie-folk with raw and honest lyrics. Like finding your feet just before you fall, his songwriting is the gravity that pulls you back to earth.

Inspired by the equal-parts hard and smooth voice of David Gray and the clear electric guitar tones of James Bay, Townes is always pushing the boundaries and seeing how close he can get to the edge.

Currently working on a new album, produced by Colin Buchanan of Paper Lions, Townes (formerly Andy Brown) is focusing on building the foundation. Formulating floor plans and building from the ground up.

Brielle Ansems

Based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Brielle has spent the past few years gaining experience as a performer and songwriter. She has shared the stage with a number of prominent island artists, not the least of which include Liam Corcoran, Ashley Condon, and Tim Chaisson, and she continues to enjoy every interaction with the wildly talented communities of artists Canada's east coast has to offer. Brielle's acoustic style shows a wide range of influences, such as Joni Mitchell, Oh Susanna, John Mayer, and Hey Rosetta!, giving her a cozy blend of folk and easy rock she is happy to share with her audiences.



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