The Redhill Valleys

The Redhill Valleys are an original 3-piece Folk/Rock group from Hamilton, Ontario. Rooted by their influences in southern rock, acoustic Americana and soul, the newly formed trio are forging a musical path all their own. The collaboration of guitarist Danielle Beaudin, bassist Chelsea McWilliams and drummer/guitarist Tim Allard is built upon a common dedication to the craft of songwriting, unifying the poetic ease of their lyrics with unforgettable melodies, harmonies and guitar riffs.

The path to now began when bassist Chelsea McWilliams and guitarist Danielle Beaudin hit the open road for Nashville, Tennessee. They collaborated on their newly developed material and it wasn't long before the pair found their rhythm. Drummer Tim Allard joined shortly after their return from the Music City, and it became undeniable that something unique was under way as their individual sounds came together as one. They didn’t know it yet, but this was the beginning of The Redhill Valleys.

The trio dug their heels in over the following year, polishing their live material and playing the local circuit. Songs worthy of a full-length album were quickly coming to life, and a curious hum among the Hamilton music scene was building around their folk, roots, and rock inspired sound. Their collaborative influences brought catchy country choruses, as heard on their new single titled "Wrong Way Turns Out Right”, a Canadiana inspired folk ballad called “Parry Sound”, and unapologetic toe-tappin' rock via tunes such as “You Can’t Be Alone” and “Ragged and Run Down”. Their set-list crossed genres and touched on the hearts of true music lovers.

After a successful fundraiser, the group was able to raise money to begin the recording process. Their debut album was recorded at Westmoreland Recording Studios in Hamilton, Ontario with producer Carl Jennings. The 12-tracks feature McWilliams, Beaudin and Allard trading off lead vocals, which leads the listener on a multifaceted and deeply rich journey. In the studio, the trio honed in on their respected and multi-instrumental abilities to fine tune and translate the energy of their live performances into the record. With the help of producer Jennings, their sound became distinct and the songs unforgettable.

Released on April 26th 2016, the album is now available for purchase via The Redhill Valleys store and download on iTunes and Bandcamp, and streaming on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and more!

Mattie Leon

Hailing from Toronto, Mattie Leon is a singer/songwriter whose music strikes a beautiful balance between R&B/Folk and Pop. 2015 saw the release of his debut EP, 'TERRACE', and in the months that followed supporting the record he showcased at Canadian Music Week, premiered a Current Sessions Video on Confront Magazine, and became a Regional Finalist for CBC's Searchlight Competition where his song 'JUST YOU' received radio plays on CBC Radio 1. In the spring of 2016 Mattie followed up 'TERRACE' with a double A-side single entitled 'SO MUCH MORE WITH ME / HOLLOWAY' which was a brighter, more acoustic offering that pulsed with the rhythm of the spring. Supporting the release with dates around southern Ontario, Ottawa and Montreal his summer was highlighted by a feature set at Nathan Phillips Square for the City of Toronto's 'Live From City Hall' series and a capacity release show at The Cameron House in Toronto.

On the heels of a great summer Mattie decided to head back into the studio to lay down a few new song ideas that were cut from the same cloth as his spring time release. Those songs came together as 'ANNALYNE / A HUNDRED TIMES / ALABAMA' and on November 14th they were released as a companion piece to the 'SO MUCH MORE WITH ME / HOLLOWAY' single. 'ANNALYNE / A HUNDRED TIMES / ALABAMA' is a three song set embellished with three-part harmonies, acoustic guitars, rollicking pianos and laid back rhythms that bring to mind the music birthed in Woodstock by The Band in 1968. His is a style that is a perfect fit for those into Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Paul Simon or early 70's solo albums by Lennon and McCartney.

A true multi instrumentalist, Mattie began writing songs and gigging as a solo performer at 18. Predominantly writing on acoustic guitar he crafted intricate songs that soon needed to be filled out by a full band. By 20 he had formed that band, The Sweet Mack, with his friends and brother. The Rock/Pop outfit had success on the regional and provincial level as they played some of the best rooms in Toronto and released a full length album, First Cut, along with multiple singles. Following The Sweet Mack, Mattie formed The Shakedown and focused his attention on recording the band's music himself, a skill that now defines his writing process. The Shakedown released a full length album, Violet Sun, an EP, Electric Eclectic, and numerous online videos and covers. Taking the skills that can only be borne from hours of shows and rehearsals with The Sweet Mack and adding with that the hours of editing and production spent on The Shakedown material, Mattie has amalgamated the two in his solo career and plans on continuing his production of great music and coupling that with a great live show for years to come.

Mattie is currently promoting the release, 'ANNALYNE / A HUNDRED TIMES / ALABAMA'.



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