The Skeleton Crew

The Skeleton Crew

Denver's hardest working Psychobilly trio.

Saddle of Southern Darkness

From Kentucky, and now in Denver, Saddle of Southern Darkness brings you the miserable howls that you crave. Evil Country at it's finest.

Bottle Rocket Science

There's a lot of folks getting into country music and americana these days. A lot of punk rock kids and hipsters finding Waylon Jennings at age 25. That's not us. We're old (by band guy standards) and we grew up on this shit. In the back of pick up trucks, stealing pallets for a kegger from behind the Safeway, and drinking cheap whiskey in the maintenance shed at your summer job in 1988. Cutting our teeth on Metallica and Van Halen. Smoking weed to Soundgarden and Mudhoney. And finally figuring it out later...

If that's your thing then so are we. Enjoy.

The Familiar Four


$8.00 - $10.00


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