Maeve Throne (EP Release), Minor Moon, Half Gringa, Pat Kelly

Minor Moon

Half Gringa started as the solo songwriting project of Izzy Olive. An emotional scab-picker, her work explores the confluence of Latinx and Midwestern identity. Her first LP, Gruñona, reveals a palimpsest of wounds upon scars. Contemplative and choleric, all manner of memorials to the past are revealed—mountains, dive bars, orchards, trains, expressways, tiny kitchens, Chicago, Caracas, and outer space. With a full band, Half Gringa's debut coaxes confession after confession out of Olive's insistent guitar and undaunted vocals; Andres Fonseca's tender bass lines; and Sam Cantor's impish, mesmerizing guitar. Sean Saville's rumbling drum work gives the arrangements momentum and they are crowned by Ivan Pyzow's trumpet swagger. Simultaneously boastful, scathing, forgiving, and hopeful, Gruñona confronts the human ache of wanting and curse of taking. It recognizes that an identity is a journey that names you.

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