Kid Trails, Those Lavender Whales, Baggage Klaim

Kid Trails

Kid Trails is the brainchild of South Carolina born musician Patrick Jeffords. Along with drummer Andy Woodward, the duo has spent the last 7 years touring the world as members of renowned musical act Toro Y Moi. Since 2014, they have self released 3 EPs and 2016's "Kid Trails Rising," mostly playing shows in and around California. June 2 sees the release of a cassette tape with Silk, out on the notoriously weird San Francisco label Death Records.

Those Lavender Whales

Aaron Graves started making patch-work pop songs under the name Those Lavender Whales in his dorm room in 2003. These occasional songs were sent to friends and family and then compiled onto handmade CD-r’s every couple of seasons. In 2011, Graves moved from Nashville, TN back to his hometown of Columbia, SC with his wife, and baby daughter. 2012 saw the release of Those Lavender Whales’ first full length “Tomahawk of Praise” which was filled with off-kilter pop melodies and lush arrangements of folksy instruments.

Those Lavender Whales most recent output is a 5-song EP titled “Parts & Pieces/Goose & Geeses.” Recorded at home over the summer months of 2013 with the help of his now consistent live band (including Jessica Bornick, Chris Gardner, and Patrick Wall), the songs play out much like a conversation with a new friend: starting casually and easing into matters closer to the heart and the spirit.

Baggage Klaim


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