Frankie Paul (Morrell)

Frankie Paul has been touring professionally since 1990 and entertaining audiences all over the country. Frankie Paul is fast becoming a prominent force in the world of comedy! He has a unique knack for taking a typically unnoticeable situation and placing it to new levels of hysterics! From fishing, scuba diving, and female body builders to marriage, kids, and how we choose the animals we eat. Frankie Paul hits them all from angles you know but never see coming! He knew from a young age that he had a knack for making people laugh! In school, he was a real class clown. He was able to make the teacher laugh along with the kids; Thereby, avoiding a trip to the principal's office. Frankie says "Everything I've learned; I've learned under a palm tree."

Comedian Tie Bo

He hails from the outstanding city of Pensacola, FL. Not only is he the best but the only STAND UP COMEDIAN to ever come out of Pensacola FL that has toured nationally and been featured in movies, such as Friday Night Lights and Hot Parts. He has also played characters in such plays as "It's All in the Family", "Ain't God Somethin'", and the hilarious hit stage play that went straight to DVD "Open Casket.Tie Bo has been entertaining people since he was "knee high to a centipede thigh." Not only entertaining people with comedy but also with excellent acting skills and DJ'ing for many events. At the age of 17 TieBo was in his last year of high school, consantly getting sent out of class for making jokes about various teachers and pulling silly pranks around the school. His reading teacher once told him she would give him extra credit if he went up at the local comedy spot called The Comedy Zone. Since his 1st night on stage there, all of his comedy from IMPROV, to SKETCH, to WRITING and STAND UP, has been God's Gift To Laughter.



Dinner menu & full liquor bar available.  There is a 2 item minimum purchase in the showroom.  Must arrive 45 minutes prior to showtime for seating. After 5pm the day of the show, tickets are only available at the door. Tickets are non-refundable.

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