Mutemath or energetically stylized as MUTEMATH on artwork, initially named MATH, were officially formed in 2003 after Paul Meany and Darren King spent two years collaborating and sharing ideas on various pieces they were working on. The pair recruited Greg Hill and Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas to help record a demo in New Orleans, and Meany took the resulting tracks to friend and producer Tedd T. Between the two of them, it was decided to set up an independent label through which Mutemath could release their material, and so Teleprompt Records was born.

Mutemath's sound is, in some ways, an extension of that of Earthsuit's, since all the Mutemath members (apart from Greg Hill) were members of that group. Though they only ever released one full-length commercial album, Earthsuit mixed genres such as rock, reggae, funk, jazz and electronica. Mutemath take this blend a step further and aim for a more experimental and atmospheric sound, with fans dubbing their style as electro-alt rock, incorporating a strong rhymthic component, as well as featuring Meany's infamous keytar and a home-made theremin-inspired guitar. The band has been quoted as saying that they do not write with any conscious thought of how their music will translate to the stage, however, this hasn't stopped Mutemath's live shows becoming renowned for their energy and live improvisation.

In April 2011, the band announced on their website that Greg Hill left the band in October 2010.

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