Cory Phillips

Cory Phillips

Cory Phillips began performing at the young age of 10 in Texas state choirs and began teaching himself guitar and piano to accompany his early lyrics and poems. Receiving national achievements in choral competition, and making an early name for himself as a singer and wordsmith, by 17 he was performing his own songs on stages in Kansas. It was while traveling among New Orleans, Northern Arizona, Texas, and Southern California hitchhiking and riding freight trains, that he made his deeper plans and found his truer voice. He returned to Kansas for school, and with the heart of a poet, wrenched the passions from a young life and built them into a road-hardened repertoire of solo acoustic music.

Cory originally drew from the styles of classic rock and pop groups as he performed in small bars and wrote around Lawrence, Kansas. He was a long-haired barefoot cherub living on rooftops where he could track the moon for inspiration and cultivate his bohemian vision. He led several popular bands and honed his stage skills in the university town, but soon the sensual and spiritual combination of classic soul and r&b grabbed him, and his music grew into a sweaty hybrid of sex themed dance music and unapologetic soul pop. He made the artist’s mecca to Los Angeles and began work on his first album while building a group of session players that could back his unique blue-eyed soul shows.

He released his self-titled, self-produced debut in 2009, performing nearly all the instrumentation himself, and followed with a series of funk-disco party songs over the past few years. Now in NYC, Cory has been performing high-energy, sexed-up concerts all over the East Coast, Southern California, and the Midwest since 2007 with his backing groups the Groove Orchestra and the Groove Machine. He is currently in the studio recording a new record, SEXTHIRSTYLOVEHUNGER, due out in Fall 2017. In the meantime you will find him performing his acoustic soul originals solo across popular stages in Manhattan and Brooklyn.



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