Julie Rhodes Band

Song Premiere: "Collector Man"
- Paste Magazine

“The arrival of a significant new Americana/blues talent.”
- Pop Matters

“There aren’t many unknown artists who get to record their debut albums partially at Muscle Shoals’ Fame Studios with legends such as keyboardist Spooner Oldham, guitarist Greg Leisz and fiddler Sara Watkins sitting in. But, there aren’t many new singers as impressive as Julie Rhodes either.”- American Songwriter

“Part of 'Bound to Meet the Devil's' charms come from the production and the players, but Rhodes' songwriting completes the spell. Her songs seem to rise from the ghosts of '50s blues and '60s soul greats."
- Boston Herald

"Rhodes has a voice that already compares to some of the best in the business, from Janis Joplin, Etta James, and Bonnie Raitt to Joan Osborne and Beth Hart. Recorded at the renowned FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, her 11-song Bound to Meet the Devil is bound to be a good one..."
- The BluesPowR Blog

Song Premiere: "Faith"
- The Bluegrass Situation

“Julie Rhodes has earned her reputation as one of New England's richest vocal deliveries and she's done it all with live performances.”
- Ryan's Smashing Life

"Sometimes you hear a voice and you immediately sit up and take notice. That’s what happened when I first listened to Julie Rhodes, her vocals big, soulful and growling through the speakers in a dark powerhouse sass that suits her Americana sound perfectly..."
- For the Country Record

"Every so often a voice comes along that moves you. [...] there is something that just clicks and gives you chills, the ones where your legs kind of lock up and your shoulders tremble. Julie Rhodes commands a voice like this and she gets me every single time."
- Red Line Roots

"The ease with which she soulfully sings us through her heartbreak, and subsequent anger, is exceptional. The blend of country, soul, blues, and folk is effortless on this record. Rhodes’ uncompromising vocals, paired along with the sharp lyricism, leave me shattered in the best possible way."
- Play Too Much

Andrew Hammond

Every artist is in search of a voice and Andrew Hammond has found a vast array. A dynamic storyteller and vocal powerhouse, Hammond is a Soul singer grounded in Folk roots. Years of vocal experimentation as a voice artist and poet, have bred a unique delivery, a massive range and an immersive live performance.

Hammond swings seamlessly from the the emotive ringing melodies of Roy Orbison to the dark rusty baritone of Johnny Cash. With a Dylan-like wit, lines of truth draw the bittersweet stories of heartbreak and repair, death and birth, humor and existence, all fed with the vocal circus that has come to define Hammond’s music. Andrew's Brooklyn ensemble serves as a backbone for passionate, clever songwriting. Gospel music for a flock of Folk Rock nihilists, and Carl Sagan is the pastor.

From the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, Hammond narrates from the perspective of his barefoot childhood. Tall, thin and cherubic, baritone, soprano and tenor, Andrew Hammond is contradiction that will demand your full attention.

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