Mosaic's music draws inspiration from alt-rock, folk, and the lyrical richness of the singer-songwriter. These elements combined create a unique mixture of sound, prose, and story that give their music many dimensions. The color and light reflected through their music aims to bridge the gap between humanness and holiness, past failures and future hopes, brokenness and wholeness.Their interwoven art and faith produces an entity that is full of hope while also addresses the grittiness of human nature. Mosaic values creating music that is true to themselves and honest about the path of life, making songs that provoke thought and represent a deep seated vision, love and purpose.

In February, Mosaic released their first full length album, Translations. This record is an integration of sound and meaning, with songs ranging from the acoustic ballad to the alt-rock banger. Their sound is a combination of lush soundscapes and lyrical depth that paint a picture of life seen through their eyes. Translations sits on its own seat at the musical table, artfully combining meaning and sound to present a message that is honest, pointed, and honoring to life's victories and struggles.

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