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Miko Allyn (O.K.I.M) was born on February 4, 1989 in Los Alamitos, CA. Growing up he has had numerous music inspirations across various genres.

Since the age of 14, O.K.I.M has been producing his own music and is extremely knowledgeable with Pro Tools. He has also produced a mixture of tracks from Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Folk, Soul and many more for various local/main stream artists. He also received the opportunity to work with producers and songwriters from the Underdogs.

In 2007, he started a solo acoustic guitar project. He had a great response from a panel of members at the ASCAP as one of his acoustic songs were chosen to be reviewed at the "I Create Music" Expo in April of 2009. Also in 2007, Miko was one of six members in the band West Side Story, he sang along with playing keys/vox. West Side Story played at various local venues as well as Warped Tour in San Diego in 2008, The Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA and winning two Battle of the Bands. Band mates went their separate ways in 2009. O.K.I.M partnered with another individual that same year, 2009 and called themselves Quicky Disco Remix (QDR). QDR got the opportunity to receive radio time on 99.1 KGGI as well as open up for major artists from Ke$ha, Far East Movement, Hyper Crush and many more.

In late 2009 O.K.I.M decided to approach his dream of music in a different way. He returned to school to receive more knowledge in pro-tools and become more familiar with the producing aspect of music. After six months, O.K.I.M was certified in Recording Engineering, Mixing and Mastering.

Mid 2010 O.K.I.M lost one of his main music inspirations, his cousin Chris "Notes" Olsen in an unexpected accident. During this tragic time O.K.I.M wrote songs and spent hours and days in the studio to help him cope with his emotions. It was then that he decided he was ready to be an artist again, ready to let the world feel each variation of emotion by his production and vocals.

O.K.I.M. was busy pursuing his dream in 2011 by producing and writing music for himself as an artist. Within 2011 he was chosen to be part of the video game "Marquee World" as a artist/performer. O.K.I.M. had the privilege to open up for well known artists which include Tyga, Three 6 Mafia, Mickey Avalon, Hyper Crush, T.Mills and Audio Push. As his journey in music continues, he is excited to partner with talented and knowledgeable individuals within the music industry to help guide him down his path as an artist.

So far in the year 2012 he is currently working on mix tapes along with his new album. The artist O.K.I.M.'s CD will be available in the near future. O.K.I.M is rising quickly as you will see him posted all over social networking and local venues. His dream is to change the face of popular music for a lifetime. As he continues to work hard on combining all of his musical experiences and perfecting them to share with the world, he will soon be recognized as an icon of "That New New." He is the definition of young man reaching to accomplish his dream for music by doing what he loves to do. In the eyes of this talented producer, songwriter and artist, music is life.

Rapping since the age of 13, Noa James began his musical journey as a successful battle rapper who quickly became known for his brutal punch lines and sharp tongue. After 5 years in the battle circuit, Noa realized that he wanted success as an artist and although he was young he knew he had a big story to tell.
Over the years James’ autobiographical rhymes have made him a pioneer in the art of storytelling and although his powerful stage presence and large stature has made him a force to be reckoned with, it is the size of his heart, that has remained most imminent. Not only making a name for himself as an artist, Noa is also widely known as a leading force in Southern California’s Inland Empire underground hip hop movement.
Under Black Cloud Music, Noa, along with 6 other likeminded and passionate artists have been breaking the mold and starting a musical movement that is undeniable and worthy of its growing success. After the release of several independent mixtapes before his Black Cloud affiliation in May 2010, Noa released his first official album on the label entitled Beautiful Darkness, which was well received and respectably noted by both his fans and peers. It was a project of love and labor and showed both sides of James’ personality and elaborate mind. Beautiful Darkness is now available in several record stores throughout Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and Las Vegas.
In May 2011, James released Intelligent, Elegant, Elephant: Humble Power, a project that generated quite a larger buzz digitally following his anticipated debut performance at a major hip hop music festival, Paid Dues in San Bernardino, California. During this time, James also was featured on the front cover of IE Weekly, a weekly magazine sister to LA Weekly, followed by his feature on XXL Magazine’s The Break, in early July.
In 2012, James continued his relationship with Paid Dues by hosting the Dues Paid stage of the 2012 Paid Dues Festival. Also continuing his relationship at the Glasshouse, James’ 2nd annual D.I.Y Fest was held there in early September & the first annual Grimey Dankmas show was held there in late December. The Common Ground continues to be the weekly stage for artist to showcase their talents.
James starts 2013 with the announcement of Curtiss King & himself hitting the road with Murs for the Road to Paid Dues tour & he will be releasing his project “The Adventures of Young Orca” in March, while on the road. For the third year in a row, James, makes an appearance on the Paid Dues line up along with his fellow label mates, Black Cloud Music as they were the host of the Monster Stage. James also released his 6th project “Fat Boy Love Letter” which is entirely produced by Gypsy Mamba.
In the start of 2014, James departed ways from the independent label Black Cloud Music and is now a fully independent artist. Also March of 2014, James put together the first Common Ground tour presented by his promotion company BrickToYaFace, which also featured Curtiss King and Stevie Crooks. This is just the beginning for James as an independent artist and going 100% with his promotion company.

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