The Crazy Brave (Record Release Party), Modpods, LA River Bend

The Crazy Brave is a power trio, where elements of pop and psychedelic rock merge to surf the desert sun.

(formerly known as The Space Race) was formed in the fall of 2012. It's current incarnation was born January of 2014. The band is a power trio, the most basic combination of instruments: Bertrand Vellky on guitar/vocals, and Alec Leiva on drums.

ModPods is the Downtown L.A. brainchild of Myriad Slits, who writes queer dance beats and electronic music. Add Daniel and Mindee, two multi-instrumentalists, who trade between bass, guitar, and drums, adding their flavor to the already gritty beats and killer live show. Myriad’s unique powerhouse vocals and soulful lyrics mesmerize listeners and keep everyone coming back for more.


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