One Degree From Mande

Mande!!!! Quite some time back, a few friends of Ryan's had come over for a party. A friend brought his wife and kids over, and planned on not staying long. He walked in the door and there stood Mande. To his and his wife's surprise, it was a friend that they had not seen for about 15 years. They decided to stay for the picking party!

Mande also met another friend at the party. They started dating after the party, and have been together since.

So, the three friends decided to build a group after the party. We each were One Degree From Mande by different paths in life. Our paths had then been crossed.

Thus, the birth of ODFM!!!

Ryan Paul Wilson has written quite a few tunes under this band name. His songs have been played in many different styles due to different genres of musicians he's played with. A constant morphing musician, look for his future stuff to come!!

Falls City Drifters

Self proclaimed "Whiskey soaked Americana", the Falls City Drifters is forged out of musical veterans of the greater Louisville, Ky area. From the growling twang of lead singer/songwriter Sam Swisher, comes a truly unique and powerful sound reminiscent of early Honky-Tonk and Blues. Lead guitarist Derek LaFountain has no problem finding his way around the fret board; delivering awe inspiring leads to dream like melodies that will take you out of this world and back again. The backbone of the band consists of Stuart Wicke,(Bass) and Tommy Board(Percussion) who mesh and drive this powerhouse like steel wheels on a track.



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