Partner - LP Release

Partner celebrates the release of their first full length album (You've Changed Records)

"Young, gifted and stoned, Partner are the best new band in Canada. When they started their hometown set – after midnight, packed like candlepins into Sackville’s old-school bowling alley – it was like a bomb going off. “WE’RE PARTNER,” shouted Josée Caron and Lucy Niles. “WE’RE COMING TO YOUR TOWN.” Drumroll, chug and then the heaviest, phosphorescing riffs – a cri-de-coeur of overflowing confidence and ambition, with somehow still a sense of slacker haplessness. It’s a mighty trick: making something so perfectly composed, meticulously rehearsed, feel messy and alive. Their success rests on Caron’s premier shredding skills but just as much on Niles’s deadpan presence: she’s like a punk-rock spirit animal, dry and goofy, singing perfect harmony at the top of her lungs. Are they a queer, millennial Lennon/McCartney or a plugged-in Cheech/Chong? Let’s give them a few albums to find out."

- THE GLOBE AND MAIL / Sean Michaels


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