SOLD OUT! The Bros. Landreth with Roman Clarke- Live at Festival Hall

The Bros. Landreth

Vocalist and guitarist Joey Landreth has said that The Bros. Landreth are just out to make music, not change the world. With a Juno (best roots and traditional album, 2015) and thousands of kilometres on the road, they’ve developed a reputation as a blazing live act with their rough-around-the-edges, southern-tinged country blues. While the brothers had several years of gigging separately as sidemen for country roots acts before familial ties finally pulled them back together, they’ve never been in a more comfortable place musically, even recording one of their father Wally’s songs for their album. It’s an acknowledgement of the veteran Winnipeg musician’s vast influence on his sons after years of bringing them along to watch him back up venerable Canadian blues acts 'til all hours of the night. Full of tasty licks, smooth harmonies and bluesy grooves, The Bros. Landreth may not be changing the world, but they’re making it a better place to live with each tour stop.


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