Desert Daze

American singer, songwriter, musician and actor, born 21 April 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan, USA. Founding member of The Stooges.


British space rock band founded in 1990 in Rugby, Warwickshire. Spiritualized has always been Jason Pierce plus a rotating cast of supporting musicians.

Courtney Barnett

Courtney Melba Barnett (born 3 November 1987) is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne, Australia

Kurt Vile

American musician and producer, born 1980 in Philadelphia, PA. Founding member of The War On Drugs

From San Jose, California.

Kyuss' partner in crime in creating the Stoner Rock genre. Ozzy Osbourne went on record as saying Sleep were the closest band he'd heard to Black Sabbath's original 70s style and feeling.

Sleep emerged in 1990 from the remains of Asbestosdeath, which featured members Al Cisneros (vocals/bass), Matt Pike (guitar), and Chris Hakius (drums). Along with 2nd guitar Justin Marler, the band released "Volume One" in 1991. Marler departed the band afterwards and the remaining trio recorded the group's follow up album, "Sleep's Holy Mountain" the following year. The album is now considered one of the most seminal releases in the "stoner rock" genre. This led to the band signing a major label deal with London Records. The label financed the band's next project, which was a single track called "Dopesmoker", which ran 63 minutes. The band informed the label that they had no intentions to edit the track nor tour behind it, as they were breaking up. London balked at the idea of releasing an album that contained a single, hour-long song. The band recorded a second version, this one clocking in at 52 minutes and re-titled "Jerusalem", but London shelved the release and the band split. In 1999, the Music Cartel released "Jerusalem" and 4 years later, Tee Pee issued "Dopesmoker", the latter of which tended to be considered the "definitive" version by many fans (although the band members expressed displeasure with both versions).

Following the split, Matt Pike formed High On Fire, while Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius eventually reunited in OM (8). Sleep's legend grew in the years following its split and in 2009 Pike, Cisneros, and Hakius reunited to perform two sets at All Tomorrow's Parties. The following year, Pike and Cisneros resumed touring as Sleep, which drummer Jason Roeder (of Neurosis) replacing Chris Hakius.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

John Cale

Born: March 9, 1942 in Garnant, Wales, United Kingdom

John Cale has played music since the sixties. He was in The Velvet Underground (bass & viola) and worked with Theatre Of Eternal Music. He is also known as a producer (first The Stooges album) and has worked on many collaborations, most notably with Brian Eno.

Ty Segall

American singer-songwriter, born 1987 in Laguna Beach, California.

Canadian jazz group.

Panda Bear

Panda Bear is the alias of Noah Lennox, one of the two core members of Animal Collective, along with Avey Tare (a.k.a Dave Portner). In Animal Collective, Noah's primary role is that of a drummer, though he also plays other instruments and sings. He adopted the name Panda Bear from an early tape of his material, on which he drew a panda bear, his favorite animal.

He is married and lives in Lisbon, Portugal with his wife and child.

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions

Eagles Of Death Metal

American rock band from Palm Desert, California, formed by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme in 1998.
According to Jesse Hughes the name of this band originated from a tour the guys were on, before starting EODM, and the driver used to only listen to death metal. One day, the driver was playing some tunes, and one of the guys on the bus said: "This isn't death metal, this is, like, the Eagles of death metal!" Upon waking up the next day the boys started wondering what that would actually sound like, and the rest is Eagle Of Death Metal-history.
The guys gave themselves other names in this band, Jesse Hughes is Jesse "The Devil" Hughes, Josh Homme is Carlo Von Sexron (or Baby Duck) and Tim Vanhamel is Timmy Tipover VanHamel.

The band's concert at Le Bataclan in Paris on 13 November 2015 was one of the eight targets for a series of terrorist attacks. While the band was playing on stage three terrorists started shooting and bombing the crowd and at least 89 people were killed. The band members escaped the attack. Deftones was also on the site, they were to play in the same venue for three days from 14 to 16 November. They escaped too.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard is an Australian psychedelic rock band that formed in 2010 in Melbourne, Victoria. The band consists of Stu Mackenzie (vocals, guitar, flute), Ambrose Kenny Smith (vocals, synths, harmonica), Cook Craig (guitar), Joey Walker (guitar), Lucas Skinner (bass), Eric Moore (drums), and Michael Cavanagh (drums). The band is noted for its energetic live performances and prolific recording output, having released nine full-length studio albums since 2012. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard's early work was primarily a blend of surf music, garage rock and psychedelic rock, while more recent releases show a broader range of influences, including elements of film music, progressive rock, folk, jazz, soul and heavy metal.

Thurston Moore

Guitarist and vocalist born at the 25th of July 1958 in Coral Gables (FL, USA), raised in Bethel (CT, USA), lived in New York (NY, USA) for the largest part of his music career and learned playing guitar by Glenn Branca. He is now living in Stoke Newington (UK).
He's best known as the guitarist and vocalist of Sonic Youth which he co-founded in 1981. In 1984 he married Kim Gordon, member of Sonic Youth.
Besides Sonic Youth he did/does a lot of other projects and solo work and he runs the Ecstatic Peace! label.

The Make-Up

American post-punk band from Washington, D.C. formed in 1995

This band was formed out of the ashes of The Nation Of Ulysses which was the former band of Ian, James, and Steve...They were later joined by bassist Michelle and that is how The Make-Up was born.

Ian Svenonius: vocals
James Canty: guitar, organ
Steve Gamboa: drums
Michelle Mae: bass guitar

American noise rock/post punk band founded in 2000 in Brooklyn, New York.

Terry Riley

American composer (born June 24, 1935, Colfax, California).
Credited as being the principal instigator of the minimalist/repetitive music genre. He was also the disciple of Indian classical vocalist Pandit Pran Nath.

Ian Svenonius

Ian Svenonius is a Washington, DC-based vocalist who has fronted a number of bands throughout the 1990s and 2000s and has released a solo album under the alias David Candy. Ian is also a writer, penning the lengthy liner notes that usually accompany his bands' releases and publising a book, "The Psychic Soviet", in 2006. His writing (both his prose and lyrics) is usually steeped in political imagery.

In 1991, Sassy magazine named Ian "Sassiest Boy in America".

Post Rock from Chicago.

Tortoise's almost entirely instrumental music defies easy categorization, and the group gained significant attention from their early career. The members have roots in Chicago's fertile music scene, playing in various indie rock and punk groups. Tortoise was among the first American indie rock bands to incorporate styles closer to Krautrock, dub, minimalism, electronica, and various jazz styles, rather than the standard rock and roll and punk that had dominated indie rock for years.

Some have cited Tortoise as being one of the prime forces behind the development and popularity of the post-rock movement. Others, however, have characterised Tortoise's music as being heavily indebted to progressive rock.

Other groups related to Tortoise include The Sea and Cake, Brokeback, Slint, Isotope 217, and the Chicago Underground Duo. Tortoise records on the Thrill Jockey label.

The group's origins lie in the late 1980s pairing of Doug McCombs and John Herndon, who imagined themselves as a freelance rhythm section (like reggae legends Sly and Robbie). That idea never saw fruition, but their interest in grooving rhythms and recording studio trickery led to partnerships with drummer John McEntire and bassist Bundy K. Brown (both formerly of Bastro) joining, followed by Dan Bitney. Though songs are credited to all the musicians, McEntire quickly became perceived as, if not the acknowledged leader, the group's guiding force. In reality his extra contributions mainly took the form of being the recording engineer and mixer.

Japanese sludge/doom metal band formed during the early 90's. Their name is taken from a Melvins song.

Current Lineup:
Takeshi – bass, guitar, lead vocals
Wata – guitar, vocals
Atsuo - drums, vocals

Past Members:
Nagata – drums (1992–1996)

The Gories

Blues punk band formed in 1986 in Detroit, MI.

Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound is the solo moniker of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, so named since 1994, when a sixth-grade Bradford made recordings on a karaoke cassette machine bearing the words ‘Atlas Sound’.

La Femme

John Dwyer

American musician, born 3 October 1974.

Black Moth Super Rainbow

American experimental/ psychedelic pop band founded in 2003 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

US band from Houston, Texas, but born in Burton, Texas. "Khruangbin" translates to airplane (literal translation "engine fly") in the Thai language. It’s an homage to the Thai rock/funk that inspired the formation of the band, and the airplane symbolizes the international set of influences that shaped their music.

The Budos Band

New York-based doom rock Afro-soul big band with a 70s touch.

Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient pop collective led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez and is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Founded in El Paso, TX. Initially created in 2008, the group has included a number of different members/collaborators since its inception.

Elmer "Lee" Fields is an American soul artist born in 1951 in North Carolina.

John Maus

Born February 23, 1980 in Austin, Minnesota. American avant-garde musician and composer.

Avey Tare

American experimental musician born April 24, 1979 and based in Los Angeles. Founding member of Animal Collective.

Deap Vally (n): hard-rocking, soul-singing, sweaty two-girl blues rock. Two-girl blues rock, you ask? Yes. Lindsey Troy aka Phoenix (The Troys) and Julie Edwards aka Heisenflei (Pity Party) break blues down to its simplest, most fundamental form: beat, melody, and meaning. Phoenix takes the vocal lead, her wails hovering somewhere between the expressive groove of Janis Joplin and the chalkboard scratch of PJ Harvey, while Heisenflei holds down the beat, moving effortlessly between driving punk punch and laid-back breaks. This will be their third show ever. Welcome to the Deap.

Psychedelic indie pop formed in August 2013 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Their hometown is Glen Head, Manhattan, New York, USA. They were judged "#1 in the Hardest Working Bands of 2014" by the website after playing at least 50 shows in New York that year.

Aldous Harding

Singer/songwriter Aldous Harding first drew praise for the gothic folk and stark emotionality of her 2015 debut that brought about comparisons to both Kate Bush and Scott Walker. She grew up as Hannah Harding in the town of Lyttelton near Christchurch in New Zealand to musician parents. Her mother was folk singer Lorina Harding, and it was on her Folk-Tui-winning record Clean Break that the 13-year-old Harding made here recording debut. Despite this early foray into the music business, the young Harding had no interest in pursuing a career as a musician, believing it to be a precarious existence. Just a couple of years later, she began to let go of her dreams of becoming a vet when she started singing and writing songs alongside friend and fellow musician Nadia Reid. By 2008 she was performing backup vocals for the traveling string band the Eastern, and Harding got an early break when she was spotted busking by Anika Moa, who on the back of that performance invited the young musician to open for her at her show that same night. In 2012 Harding changed her forename to Aldous and asked Marlon Williams and Ben Edwards to co-produce what would become her debut record. The self-titled release garnered much critical acclaim, and Harding toured the album extensively. For her follow-up, she signed to British independent label 4AD, and enlisted the help of John Parish (Sparklehorse, PJ Harvey) to co-produce the record. Her sophomore album Party was released in 2017, and was preceded by the singles "Horizon" and "Imagining My Man."

Natalie Mering, known professionally as Weyes Blood, is an American singer and songwriter born 11 June 1988 in Santa Monica, California, USA, living now in New York. She is noted for her collaborations with Ariel Pink.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith


DRINKS is a collaboration between Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley.


CHAPTER ONE: GØGGS IS BORN.Ty and I decided we were going to start a band together when Ex-Cult opened for his band on the Slaughterhouse tour in 2013. A couple years later when the plans were solidified, it only made sense that thrash master Charles Moothart should get in on the experience. The three of us have been friends for years at this point, crashing at each others houses and riffling through each others record collections after a night of performing, partying, or both. This is not a side-project, it is a necessity. GØGGS is three heads, one spine, circling the drain of the wasteland known as mother earth.
The A side to the debut single “She Got Harder” (out this November on In The Red Records) is one of the first songs we came up for this project, with an Iggy Pop cover (Featuring Zumi Rosow) thrown on the B-Side for maximum damage.The album dropping next year (featuring guests Cory Hanson of Wand, Denee Petracek of Vial, and Mikal Cronin) will lead us into the second chapter of the GØGGS saga. Smoke the Wurm. A new player enters the game. –Chris Shaw

King Woman

A shoegaze/drone project started by Kristina Esfandiari.

New Jersey born, Los Angeles-based producer

The Babe Rainbow

Psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas, USA.


Formed in LA in 2013 shoegaze soundscapes band with krautrock beats.

"L.A. Witch knows how to conjure up the demons in pop. Although the band is only a few years old, one root stretches into the sounds of '60s garage musicians like The Pleasure Seekers and Sonics while the other digs around in Dead Moon and The Breeders.

Their music is raw and bloody, echoing of bad decisions through a thick, smoky haze of reverb. Just like their influences, L.A. Witch preaches the blues; these aren't happy ballads, but if you submerse yourself in them, you come out feeling a hell of a lot better than before." – Mat Weir, GOOD TIMES WEEKLY

Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel

"Jerry Paper" is the entity that inhabits Lucas W. Nathan's body when he is grooving."

Death Valley Girls

Think of Death Valley Girls as an acid-tripping science experiment that’s been buried alive, and resurrected as a sexually liberated dystopian chain-gang. A cosmic scar, if you will, on the hills of Echo Park, where the experiment began in 2013 by proto-punk Bonnie Bloomgarden and guitarist Larry Schemel — who got lost in the desert, returned to their haunted garage in Echo Park, and pieced together their vision with shopworn images of sexploitation babes, a blood-soaked Iggy Pop, and Bloomgarden’s series of phantasms, the result of spending a year in a mental institution, where she planned her neon-glowing odyssey by listening to Black Sabbath and UFO, reading about alien conspiracy theories, and deriving her band’s moral compass from a line she saw in a movie:

“Everybody’s gotta be in a gang,” from campy sexploitation romp Switchblade Sisters (1975).

Fever The Ghost

JJUUJJUU is an astral union, an arcane ritual, and above all, a conversation. Harnessing an unspoken energy, the group has exponentially blossomed from a sonic experiment to a forceful, telepathic dialogue of distinct-but-aligned vibrations. A revolving cast of local and international musicians have all been a part of JJUUJJUU at one point in time. Releasing this dynamic on an expanding spiral of planned and impromptu live shows in the American southwest and BEYOND, the magnetism of the trio (and sometimes duo) only continues to grow, along with its devoted, traveling coterie of entranced acolytes.






Frankie And The Witch Fingers

Dahga Bloom

Prettiest Eyes


Creation Factory

The Creation Factory are an extension of Los Angeles' rich musical past. Formed by members Shane Stotsenberg (Bass/Vocals) & Iggy Gonzalez (Drums/Vocals) who are also main players in popular neo-psych pop act The Mystic Braves. The Creation Factory formed mainly as a recording project between Shane & Iggy, before they introduced a trio of other Los Angeles and Bay Area musicians to join the fold and take the project onto the road to play shows, the line-up also includes Organist Glenn Brigman and guitarists Neil Soiland & Gabriel Pacheco.

Miranda Lee Richards

American singer-songwriter (b. 4th April 1975).


Originally a solo effort of Guy Blakeslee that started in the early 2000s in Chicago. Over the years the project gradually morphed into a group and in 2009 the name The Entrance Band was adopted officially.

The Myrrors is an experimental/psychedelic folk-rock band from from the Arizona desert.

Imaad Wasif

Li Daiguo

Chinese-American multi-instrumentalist born in Oklahoma based in Sichuan, China.

He plays violin, viola, cello, pipa, nanyin pipa, huqin (including erhu, sihu,banhu erxuan), ethnic flutes (xiao, nan-xiao (shakuhachi), hulusi, koudi, bawu), Zimbabwean mbira, kalimba, clarinet as well as human beatboxing & high and low overtone throat singing.

Pearl Charles

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