Suck the Honey is a two piece rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Lucas Frazier (Vox/Guitar) and Jake Grove (Drums) make music that flows from loud, heavy, and abrasive to ambient, dark, and melancholic all while retaining the simplistic and memorable structure of a pop song. The result is music you can sing along to that actually means something. Drawing inspiration from other two piece acts such as Death From Above 1979, The Kills, Local H, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Royal Blood, you can expect thick, fuzzy guitar tones and heavy, pounding drums. Where STH does it their own way is in the dynamics within each song, the switch from sad to angry, depressed to destructive. Take a moment to listen to the music, and stay tuned for what's to come.

ex members of the Cincinnati rock outfit The Killtones (Clinton Jacob and Ray Redmon) formed a side project called mr.phylzzz. what else do you need to know but that. we make music and put it out. the end

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