Doctor Smoke

Doctor Smoke was formed in 2012 and plays their own blend of heavy metal tied together by lyrical themes of horror and the supernatural.

Their debut album “The Witching Hour” was released in November 2014 through French indie label Totem Cat Records and a cassette version was also released through Urtod Void Records.

The band is currently preparing material for its sophomore album.


Derek Eddleblute and his two sons Matt and Aaron Eddleblute, have been playing together since they were with old enough to grasp the concept of music. Throughout the years, they have been involved with various cover bands and projects, but it wasn't until October of 2014 that they decided to take their classic rock influences and start creating their own hard-hitting riff-driven rock & roll. During the short time Gudger has been around, they have developed a loyal fan base that is as good as family. They have an EP ("Gudger I") as well as a brand new LP ("Gudger II") under their belt, and have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a good bit of notable national acts in just these past couple of years.

Since Gudger was formed, Bassist and oldest son Matt made the difficult decision to step down from his duties. Upon Matt's departure, they welcomed Neil Tuuri into the mix, to take over the low-end thunder. Mr. Tuuri is the head honcho of Amish Electric Chair Studios in Athens Ohio, where the newest album "Gudger II" was recorded. They continue to melt faces and damage hearing as much as they possibly can.

Mad Anthony wants more. To be more. Do more. Create more. Collaborate more.

We want to be challenged as musicians while challenging listeners to look at things differently. As a band, we want to push the envelope creatively and raise the bar physically and intellectually. We have overcome every obstacle only to keep looking ahead to the next one. We have toured coast to coast, made multiple records in multiple studios, seen the highs of success and the lows of misfortune. We have met droves of amazing people, not just musicians, who have all become a part of our story. Without these people, this band would not exist.

Our next chapter is about this community. It’s about paying it back to those who picked us up when we were down, and paying it forward to those we have yet to meet. It’s about creating collaboratively. It’s about listening to our listeners. The game is changing, and Mad Anthony is the game changer.



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