Jonathan Jackson + Enation

Jonathan Jackson + Enation

Like any siblings, guitarist Jonathan Jackson and drummer Richard Lee Jackson used to specialize in discord. Their preteen years in Washington state involved a lot of “ rolling around on the ground and punching, choking, all kind of things,” recalls the latter. One indelible memory even involves a spat, a hockey stick, and multiple stitches. But thankfully, that didn’t last long. Because once Jonathan (then 11) finally convinced his reluctant older brother (then 14) to jam with him in their parents’ basement, cacophony led way to harmony — and that formed an unwavering foundation for Jonathan Jackson + Enation, their alt-rock band, who just released their new single” Revolution Of The Heart” ahead of their upcoming full-length album, Anthems For The Apocalypse, co-produced by Greg Archilla (Matchbox 20, Collective Soul) due July 14th, 2017. “ I’m sure those jam sessions sounded like crap,” explains Jonathan, of their first time playing together. “ But we played for three hours and thought it was the most incredible thing ever.” Their skill set has evolved considerably since then. These days, Jonathan Jackson + Enation have developed a reputation as one of the most creative and dynamic independent bands in the music industry today. Originally from the Northwest, they now call Nashville, TN home - and for good reason. Jonathan is also one of the stars of the hit drama Nashville, now in its fifth season, which airs Thursdays on CMT. “ We’ve had a clash of images and sounds swirling around us with the new music,” Richard says. “ I hadn’t realized it until we moved to Nashville how much geography has played a big part of our musical identity.” ” When we talk about the depth of Eddie Vedder and the operatic genius of Roy Orbison, it might be because we’ve lived in the places like the Northwest and Nashville where they breathed the same air,” says Jonathan. “ It just gets in you without you realizing it and affects the music you make.” About their new single, “ Revolution Of The Heart” , Jonathan says, “ It’s the most anti-political, political song I’ve ever written. There certainly are good revolutions throughout history but many ended up being terrible and destructive, even when there were good intentions involved. Our world is more divided than ever it seems and the political climate is driving deeper wedges in society. Ultimately, politics can only offer some of the answers we're looking for. The deeper longing that I'm "marching for" personally is a revolution of the heart. It's an inner revolution. We need to first love each other and remember our common humanity. Then we can approach politics and work towards important solutions.” Jonathan Jackson + Enation have released four studio albums. Their previous release, Radio Cinematic, garnered them numerous radio and TV appearances including live performances on The View and VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. The single "Everything Is Possible" climbed the Hot AC charts to #43 and helped propel the band's Radio Cinematic US Summer Tour, by playing to sold out audiences and earning high praises from critics and fans. Radio Cinematic is an album that Rolling Stone says is ...” Filled with electric guitars, chest-beating vocals and swirling synths...” while Billboard Magazine calls it “...contemporary, anthemic rock -- Jackson proudly wears the influence of U2, Peter Gabriel and Coldplay on his sleeve as influences -- is certainly something different...” The brothers first dipped their toes into music “ professionally” as members of Scarlet Road, a classic-rock band with their father, country artist Ricky Lee Jackson, and his brother Gary. Jonathan just was 14 and Richard 17 when, decked out in leather, they performed songs such as U2’s “ Bullet the Blue Sky” to adult concertgoers at venues like the Whiskey a Go Go. These trials by fire helped tighten up their live shows.
“ Sometimes the audience just didn’t care, so there was a real fight to get people’s attention and do something they’d remember,” says Jonathan. “ I wasn’t out partying — I was studying how bands like U2 do the things they do.” Acts such as U2, Pearl Jam and R.E.M. not only shaped Enation’s sound, but also informed their desire to create music that lingers. With their dad’s blessing, the brothers decided to make music a full-time occupation. Enation’s third member, bassist Daniel Sweatt, recently made the decision to transition away from the band after over a decade of playing together. “ This new chapter will allow me to remain in Portland and spend more quality time with my family,” Daniel says. “ Daniel is one of our best friends and he will remain that even as the dynamic within the band changes,” Jonathan adds. “ We've grown up together, creating music and traveling the country together for the last decade. Incredible memories.” The word “ Enation” is technically a botany term referring to an outgrowth on a plant. The band immediately took to its metaphoric meaning, as it applied to both their live and recorded performances. “ It means to bring forth, give birth,” notes Richard, “ the idea that you can actually have an idea that inspires and encourages.” To that end, Jonathan and Enation believe that music can be a force for good in the world. They partner with charities such as IOCC, an international humanitarian organization helping to bring aid to those in need, and the anti-human trafficking organization NOT FOR SALE, which helps bring awareness to combat the growing global atrocity of modern-day slavery. “ If you look around at the world, the hardest thing to do is to overcome the darkness that is around us —to break through that weight,” Jonathan says. “ It’s the role of the artist to push back against that. So we rebel against the darkness.” Jonathan is also a five time Emmy Award winning actor and a recent Critics’ Choice Award nominee, who has starred in numerous TV and films including Tuck Everlasting, General Hospital, and on CMT’s drama Nashville where he plays “ Avery,” an up and coming musician trying to make it in Music City. This summer will be packed for Jonathan and the band. After Jonathan’s filming schedule wraps he’ll head out on a UK tour with the cast of Nashville followed immediately by a US summer tour with Enation. “ The schedule can get a little crazy sometimes,” Jonathan says. “ But I try and just take it one day at a time, and live in the moment.” With sold out concerts, a rapidly growing fan-base, and music that has earned high marks from critics and fans alike, that moment seems to be a pretty good one to be living in.

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