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LA Weekly’s fifth annual art party, Artopia, is a celebration of the vibrant arts and culture scene in Los Angeles. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2017, in DTLA at Union Station, a Historic-Cultural monument and “the last of the great train stations.”

For the second year in a row, we have enlisted the help of internet radio network and DJ collective dublab to curate the sights and sounds. From performance artists to DJs to filmmakers and dance troupes, an impressive lineup of artists will fill your senses.

The bash runs from 8:00pm to 11:00pm with VIP entry starting at 7:00pm. Union Station is located at 800 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Artopia benefits dublab, a non-profit, online radio station dedicated to the growth of music, arts and culture.

Please note this event is strictly 21+. For more information, call 310-574-7100.

Keren Oo

Imagine a series of global showcases and festivals serving developers as well as the general public – collectively forming an international marketplace and a traveling celebration of this community’s new voices and their trailblazing work. Imagine thousands of independent creators, developers, thinkers, players, and fans from across the world, sharing this sense of community and the work at its heart with the rest of the world. That’s IndieCade.

Alex Pelly is a filmmaker and video artist based in Los Angeles. Her art blends digital animation and live-action footage with analogue video feedback and VHS processing. She also works as a video editor and has directed music videos.

Alex came up through the creative community surrounding internet radio station DUBLAB,

where she continues to do live visuals as well as host a monthly live-streamed audio-visual show called PELLYVISION. She is also resident visualist for underground techno party Perpetual Dawn and contributes visuals for improvisational noise duo Telecaves.

The Institute for Art and Olfaction

Based in LA’s Chinatown, The Institute for Art and Olfaction is a non-profit art organization devoted to advancing public, artistic and experimental engagement with scent. We do this by initiating and supporting arts projects that utilize the medium of scent, by providing accessible and affordable education in our experimental laboratory as well as in partnership with institutions and community groups, and by celebrating excellence in independent, artisan and experimental perfumery through our yearly award mechanism, The Art and Olfaction Awards. Through these efforts, we extend the world of scent beyond its traditional boundaries of appreciation and use.

Amanda Maciel Antunes

Amanda Maciel Antunes is an LA based multidisciplinary artist working in painting, performance, writing, and installation art. She was born and raised in the countryside of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Her work has consistently captured and served images of our outermost experiences, offering the aesthetic details of micro and macro perspectives on the human condition by altering messages and interpretations of identity and distance. Her recent exhibitions include: Solo Exhibit Skeleton Women (LA Artwalk), Midnight Roses (Nous Tous Gallery Chinatown LA), Don Quixote (Montserrat DTLA), Autopsicografia (Moon Huts LA) and she is currently working on two proposed installations and experimental performances in Los Angeles and Reykjavik, respectively.

Ania Catherine

Ania Catherine is an artist and choreographer based in Los Angeles. Her work can be seen in theatres, galleries, festivals, music videos, and various genres of film including fashion, feature, experimental, and dance. She has shown work—spanning film, photography, and performance—at the British Film Institute, Peacock Theatre (London), LA Center for Digital Art, Agora Collective (Berlin), Forum des images (Paris), San Francisco Movement Arts Festival, Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn), International Museum of Women, among others. She holds a master's degree from the London School of Economics, and through bodies explores the intersections of performance and her academic research in gender, sexuality, representation, and politics. In addition to her personal practice, she works internationally performing, choreographing, speaking, directing, and teaching.

Drawing inspiration from platonic basics, instinctual esoteric functions, and the omni-presence of fractal patterning, Chad Goei attempts to uncover existential insights with his abstract examinations, and has high hopes that they might inspire new ideas and understanding in others.

Goei was born in Michigan and moved to Los Angeles in 1997. He lives and paints in East Hollywood.

Everything Is Terrible!

Everything Is Terrible! is the found footage video art and performance collective responsible for some of this millennium’s most intriguing, disturbing, and hilarious videos. In addition to 9 years of daily video creations (including Cat Massage and Memory Hole, EIT! has famously amassed an absurd collection of over 15,000 Jerry Maguire VHS tapes, which they plan to house in an EIT!-designed, permanent pyramid in the desert. They have done over 500 live shows and screenings all over the world, released 7 found footage features, created LA’s Everything Is Festival!, built large-scale installations (including several pieces for Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return), and created original work for MTV, Adult Swim, Team Coco, and more.

Julie Weitz

Julie Weitz is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. Her videos, installations and photographs examine the experience of embodiment in the digital realm. She uses physical props, often cast from her own body parts, and combines "anti-CGI" aesthetics to make work that blurs the boundaries between sensory perception and material reality. Weitz's immersive video installation Touch Museum premiered at Young Projects in Los Angeles in 2015 and received critical attention in Artforum, The L.A. Times, Hyperallergic, Gizmodo and on KCRW. Weitz's upcoming video installation opens at Chimento Contemporaryin L.A. September 9, 2017.

Ty Joseph

Ty Joseph, a Los Angeles based artist, is known for what he calls his "L's" in his paintings. These are distinct arrangements of L-shaped patterns, that tie in with simulacrums of perceptible objects. The structure of the paintings embodies a combination of design art and substance that typically comments on the abandonment of "elegance" in today's society, among other motifs. One of the interpretations of the meaning behind the L's, is that they represent the 'ele' in elegance. Joseph's studio is in West Hollywood and his work and commentary can be viewed on his website at

Valerie Rose

Valerie Rose is a muralist and an illustrator. She was raised in California by deaf parents and is deaf in one ear. Sign language is her native language. She moved to Nicaragua in 2016 and found herself as an artist while living there. All of her work is done by hand. Valerie is now traveling the world painting murals and drawing illustrations.

Beat Cinema

Directed by Ali Vatansever (Turkey) and produced by Anna Maria Aslanoglu (Turkey)

A VR documentary about the L.A. Underground beat scene featuring Beat Cinema events around town, with artists Daedelus, Verbs, Repeated Measures, DMM, Coby, Mousey McGlynn and Major Gape. This project was made in Film Independent’s Global Media Makers program.

Launched in 2016, Global Media Makers is an innovative mentoring initiative that connects international visual storytellers with leading U.S. entertainment professionals through comprehensive filmmaker education, business training, professional networking opportunities and tailored mentorships. Global Media Makers is supported through a partnership between Film Independent and the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.


ALONE is an ongoing, ever-changing site-specific and immersive experience that explores the range of human
emotions and examines the complex folds of the human psyche. Occupying the spaces between the artistic and
the theatrical and the abstract, ALONE is difficult to comprehend without immersing oneself in it. Unlike traditional
theater productions, there is no stage and no audience sitting passively and viewing a show, but instead,
a single participant actively walks through a space alone.

Materials & Applications

Materials & Applications was founded in 2002 as a collaborative space for experimentation and research in the parking lot of a Silver Lake home. Since then, propelled by a community of artists, architects and designers, M&A remains one of the only independent spaces in Los Angeles for architecture dedicated to foregrounding contemporary ideas through built projects. Our mission is to advance experimental and alternative architecture through public projects and programs. We produce installations, workshops, and dialogues in collaboration with architects, artists, and communities. Our projects are free, unscripted, and unsupervised.

In 2016, M&A launched “TURF: A Mini-Golf Project,” a temporary mini golf course and neighborhood pocket park in Echo Park, folled by “The Kid Gets Out of the Picture”, a pink landscape embedded in an open air courtyard in Silver Lake. Today, M&A is helmed by Jia Gu (Director) with a generous team of volunteer staff and coordinators, and support from the Board of Directors and the Contemporary Council of M&A.


Spinagu is a creative studio dedicated to architecture and design, formed of Jia Gu and Maxi Spina. The studio produces traditional architectural projects, such as rooms, houses, and towers, alongside non-traditional objects, such as texts, exhibitions, and chess sets. We are interested in architecture as a conceptual practice through which to explore culture, technology, material and form.

Jia Gu is a designer and educator with a special interest in critical and conceptual practices in art and architecture. She holds a B.A in Visual Arts with Honors from UCSD and a Master of Architecture with Honors from UCLA. Previous to founding Spinagu, Jia has worked and collaborated with international studios including raumlaborberlin, Something Fantastic, Kyong Park, Valentina Karga, Pieterjan Gandryand Rosario Talevi. Her work has taken her to Berlin, Shanghai, Anyang, Prague, Torino, and Barcelona. In 2015, she was appointed Director of Materials & Applications, and Associate Director of UCLA A.UD Summer Programs. She is currently teaching Design Studio at USC, History/Theory at SCI-Arc and pursuing a PhD in Architecture at UCLA. She is the Creative Director of Spinagu.

Maxi Spina (b. Rosario, Argentina) is the co-founder of Spinagu. He is currently Design Faculty and Applied Studies Faculty at SCI-Arc. He was previously the Maybeck Fellow at UC Berkeley, Lecturer at CCA and Associate Professor at Woodbury. His work has been featured in exhibitions at A+D Museum, Jai & Jai, Wuho Gallery. He received his M.Arch from Princeton University and a B.Arch from National University of Rosario, Argentina. He is Design Director of Spinagu.

FLOAT is a collaborative entity focusing on the intersection of art and interactivity. Founders Ben Vance and Kate Parsons work together to create evocative, nuanced art experiences.

Kate is a video artist and educator living in Los Angeles. She obtained her M.F.A. in Media Arts from UCLA in June of 2015, and completed her M.A. in Digital Art and Video in 2013. Much of Kate’s practice involves the marriage of the visual and the aural, working with musicians and dancers to create inventive audio-visual experiences. She is the Director of Femmebit, a video art festival celebrating female artists working in video and new media in Los Angeles.

She has had the pleasure of working with director Mark Pellington and musicians such as Silversun Pickups, Toro Y Moi, Kid606, Daedelus and RYAT.

Ben is a VR veteran and director who explores art and design through emerging technology. He has worked with Electronic Arts, independent game studios, VR startups, museums, galleries, and with hummingbirds on back patios surrounded by succulents. He is a founding member of Glitch City, a pioneering art and game collective based in LA, and Buffalo Vision, his studio dedicated to games and interactive VR. His work has been shown worldwide at Sundance, IndieCade, NAB Shanghai, and TIFF. His thoughtful and surprising interaction design stem from a lifelong pursuit of fine art and button pushing.

Collectively, their work has appeared on, Creative Applications, VICE’s The Creators Project, and at SFMOMA, SXSW, TIFF, Sundance, Slamdance, The Museum of The Moving Image, and in many national and international exhibitions. FLOAT also plays well with others, including Within, Sprueth Magers, Kaleidoscope VR, and WeVR.

Jana Cruder (b. 1981) lives and works in Los Angeles as a artist, photographer and director. Gratuate of Rochester Institute of Technology (2003) BFA. She moved west after coming out here on a photo trip and falling in love with the mid-century architecture, the landscape and the light. Her fine art career began in 2010 when contemporary curator Brett Sparry of Art Squared and the Brett Sparry Gallery discovered her work and offered her a solo exhibition of her series “ What Lies Beneath” a photographic series looking into the role and relationships of women and where learned behaviors are formed and shaped through cultural icons like Barbie. After the success of her first show, Cruder was encouraged to keep exploring the theme of Barbie as she moved through life and created her second edition titled “ Great Expectations “ after a 2013 sell out opening show Cruder entered a piece into PHOTO LA a juried group exhibition where she was discovered by Joanne Artman Gallery, Laguna CA. Cruder’s practice continues to explore roles and relationships people have to each other and now technology. In 2015 she started to turn her attention to the increasing use of smartphone technology observing how it was impacting and changing what it means to be human. Recently her practice continues to merge her interests of performance and media evolving a multi layered experience performance-based practice merging her interest in motion, still images and live models. Her installation Way of the Modern Man premiered at the Los Angeles Art Show Jan 2016. She was voted best performances to see and featured in VICE’s Creators Project. Cruder continues to evolve the iterations of Way of The Modern Man and is exploring additional performance centric and mixed media installations in her current practice.

Adult Contemporary

As a DJ, producer, and label head, Tony Watson has carved out an indelible body of work and forged a distinct identity and unique voice in contemporary dance music.

Through his label Adult Contemporary and its edit offshoot American Standard Watson has championed intelligent independent production from artists as diverse as The Beat Broker, Yagya, Hatchback and Lord of the Isles, amongst others and selected noted producers like Mark E, Reverso 68, and Dennis Kane for stellar remix work. Adult Contemporary represents an elegant and cerebral sound, but also one that is emotionally full and that covers a broad range from Balearica to Techno and Nu Disco. American Standard has featured edit work from noted figures like Cole Medina, Social Disco Club, Juan Nunez, and Jeff Overton (The Drunk) and has brought often forgotten and unheard songs back to life, using the edit format to renew them for the dance floor.

Casey Butler

My name is Casey Butler.

aka Stellar Rahim.
My music is of a spiritual nature.

I am a composer and I play saxophone, bass, keyboards, flute, percussion, gamelan, guitar, other various instruments and I use my voice too.

Here’s a list of some bands that I perform and/or record with:


Honus Honus

Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects

Dusty Meadows Band

Stellar Rahim

Gamelan Burat Wangi

Gamelan Pandan Arum

Cloudland Canyon


Mary Epworth

Wild Nothing

Blake Hazard


Museum Of Love

Michael Flechtner

I was born in Tiffin Ohio and have both a BFA and MFA in sculpture and painting. I moved to the LA area after learning how to fabricate neon tubing. I have been working with neon as an expressive art material for over 30 years.

My work reflects a fascination with the symbols of language, technology and how they influence popular culture. I describe animals, machinery, people, etc. and utilize various forms of language. These “components” inhabit my internal landscape. I bring forth and arrange this highly idiosyncratic material to create pictograms, ideograms and rebuses, surely shaped by the effects of my unconscious.

I have art in many private and public collections…including Katy Perry, Jean Paul Gaultier, Carrie Fisher and the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. In 2011 my “CELEBRATE” Forever stamp was issued by the USPS and continues to be a top seller!


Bicycle injury in front yard – 2000

Josh kicked out of school because shot teacher w/ airsoft gun- 2003

Mike and Josh part ways as Josh’s family moves – 2004

Bought weed from Khalil, fatefully reuniting – 2007

First time enjoying avocado – 2008

Mike’s fight with heroin – 2009-2013

Mike reclaims life – 2013-present

cells starts playing live in Portland, Oregon – 2015

selling “weed” – 2015

Josh arcade game nat’l champ – 2015

cells opens for Purity Ring @ Roseland theater – 2016

cells member Khalil passes away – 2017

cells plays live on dublab – 2017 cells to play Artopia – 2017

LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) presents performances by artists Tyler Matthew Oyer and Miller Robinson, and video works by Troyese Robinson and Adrian Alfaro.

Called an “interdisciplinary gospel immortalist” by Kembra Pfahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Tyler Matthew Oyer is an artist, writer, organizer, and educator based in Los Angeles. He has presented work at MoMA PS1, REDCAT, dOCUMENTA (13), Hammer Museum, The Getty Museum, Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, Art Basel Miami Beach, Bergen Kunstall, Rogaland Kunstsenter, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, High Desert Test Sites, Highways Performance Space, Human Resources LA and the Orange County Museum of Art. His debut album RELEASE is available on Practical Records.

Miller Robinson (b. 1992, Lodi, CA) is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her work, which encompasses actions, writing, garments, sculpture, painting, installation, and video, is in constant dialogue with the state of materials and experiences. Founded in the passage of time, themes of growth and decay are routine to the practice, often melding a dialogue of past, present, and future. At times working nomadically and in response to a given environment, site, context, and nature of being play a central role in her performative work. In 2014, Robinson received her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York and Berlin.

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LA Weekly’s fifth annual art party, Artopia, is a celebration of the vibrant arts and culture scene in Los Angeles. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2017, in DTLA at Union Station, a Historic-Cultural monument and “the last of the great train stations.”

For the second year in a row, we have enlisted the help of internet radio network and DJ collective dublab to curate the sights and sounds. From performance artists to DJs to filmmakers and dance troupes, an impressive lineup of artists will fill your senses.

Attendees will have the opportunity to sample cocktails and local cuisine, peruse the work of visual artists, watch performances, and dance the night away. They can also shop in our vendor village, which will feature handmade goods from local artisans and craftspeople.

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