Best Ex (Formerly Candy Hearts), Promise Of Redemption, June Divided, Pet Peeves, Kozie

Best Ex (Formerly Candy Hearts)

Best Ex (Formerly Candy Hearts) is the project of Mariel Loveland, Christian Migliorese, Kris Hayes, and Christina Picciano. Their sugary brand of punk-tinged indie delivers just the right amount of 90s nostalgia. Loveland's introspective lyrics create a portrait of youth for all that it is—care-free, innocent, and fun, yet uncertain, lonely, ambivalent, and pissed-off. As the soundtrack to suburban summers spent driving in cars, playing music in your friend's basement, and wandering through the many diners that line the highways of New Jersey, Candy Hearts' honest sing-a-longs will have you humming to yourself and recalling a time where your future seemed limitless, but all you could care about was the first boy you ever kissed.

Promise Of Redemption

Promise of Redemption is the solo project of Shane Henderson from Valencia. The music describes it all, take a listen.

Pet Peeves

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