Sean Barna

​Pictures of an Exhibitionist is the debut LP of Seán Barna. The songs, written in the mornings about the nights, are aggressive explorations the underbelly of the emotional and physical connections between lovers and strangers. They lay bare questions of greatness and deconstruct the meaning of beauty with a point of view Bukowski might be proud of. This album is a follow up to Barna's EP, Cutter Street, and his one-off single, "Straight Motherfuckers and Their Famous Friends."

Ghost Lit Kingdom

Ghost Lit Kingdom stands alone in their eclectic, self proclaimed genre of Anthemic Alternative Indie Pop. Exploding onto the scene with tremendous momentum from their debut release, the I Was Born EP, in July of 2015 and their Troubadour release show, Ghost Lit Kingdom is quickly making their mark on the LA music scene with energetic live performances, powerful vocals, stunning musicianship and songwriting of incomparable depth in today's pop music.

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